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Students Help With Habitat for Humanity’s Fall 2012 Build in Raleigh Area

Publication Date: 10/1/2012

Rhodes is a house-building partner for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis’ Fall 2012 Build in the Las Cruces development in Raleigh. Rhodes volunteers helped with the build on Sept. 15 and will do so again Oct. 6.

Ellery Ammons ’16, Evan Katz ’15, Rachel Kauffman ’14, Carlissa Lovette ’15 and Luke Newman ’16 were among the volunteers who came out for the first build.

“I’d always participated in Habitat for Humanity throughout high school, and so when I learned that the program was so prevalent in Memphis, I volunteered right away,” says Katz who is from Hopkinton, Mass. “I love building things and working with my hands,”

Katz participated in the first build date and plans to do so again Oct. 6. “We spent most of the day cutting siding and nailing it up around the house we were working on, and five hours and a few bruised thumbs later we had covered almost the entire house. Few things are better than stepping back and seeing how far you′ve come after a day′s work,” he adds.

Newman, who also plans to volunteer again Oct. 6, says, “I′ve volunteered with Habitat for Humanity before, but each time I go, my experience is different. I′m always given a different task! I love the program and how it helps people.”

Since 1983, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis has built more than 400 homes in partnership with Memphis-area families; generous, community-minded businesses; faith-based organizations; and individuals. The cost of construction is kept low through the use of volunteer labor. Rhodes’ Habitat for Humanity chapter is one of the oldest collegiate chapters in the nation.

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