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Rhodes Students Immerse Themselves in Rocky Mountain Ecology

Publication Date: 7/9/2012

Fourteen Rhodes students have been participating this summer in the Rocky Mountain Ecology Maymester program through the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since 1967, the schools have been teaching about the natural world and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The students are Nolan Bielinski, Jessica Brown, Chris Hardy, Patrick Harris, Lydia Holmes, April Lassiter, Micah Leonard, Georgia Loftis, Madison Marullo, Jennifer Marshall, Roberta Moore, Lin Qiu, Jennie Royal and Lucy Sumrall.

They have received instruction from the Teton Science Schools’ faculty and graduate students and have been immersed in the ecology of the Wyoming landscape through field work, discussions, observations and research.

As part of their field work, participants tracked bighorn sheep, sighted song birds and searched for pikas alongside ecologists from the Wyoming Game and Fish, Conservation Research Center, and the University of Wyoming. They also made presentations about research projects conducted on their own. Read more about the students’ participation in an article posted on the Teton Science Schools′ website.

In addition, there are three Rhodes alumni who are currently working at Teton Science Schools as AmeriCorps Field Education Interns—Allie Dillon, Jasmin Mayen and Lee Bryant.

There also are three current students who are interns working with the science education programs for middle-school students. They are Phillip Lyons, Megan Matthews and Jordan Robinson.

Special thanks to Rhodes alumna Mickey Babcock who established the Rhodes-Teton Science Schools collaboration and who has been supportive of the Maymesters and internships.

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