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It’s the Seventh Summer For Crossroads

Publication Date: 6/22/2012

Although Rhodes’ Crossroads to Freedom digital library is maintained throughout the year, the bulk of gathering new material, recording interviews, editing transcripts, and uploading interview is done in the summer. There are now about 125,000 items in the Crossroads archive which is made up of videos, documents, newspapers, images and oral histories that tell the stories of Memphis and the region.

This is the seventh summer for Crossroads, and this year’s fellows are working on the following collections:

  • An Interactive map that begins to capture the ways communities near Rhodes understand their own identities
  • The music legacy of Manassas High School
  • Memphis Public Celebrations—Cotton Carnival, Cotton Makers’ Jubilee, Memphis in May

Members of the Summer 2012 Crossroads to Freedom team not only come from Rhodes but also from other colleges. They are:

Steven Becton-University of Alabama
Courtney Campbell-Vanderbilt University
Ekibosowo Ekure-South Carolina University
Alex Englehart-UNC at Chapel Hill
Jared Gab-Rhodes College
Chloe Greene-University of South Carolina
Zach Harpole-Rhodes College
Cuyler Hines-Rhodes College
Pauletta Hughes-Rhodes College
Kate Kenwright-Ole Miss
Danielle Kimble-University of Memphis
William Lay-Rhodes College
Evan Lewis-Spelman College
Annevvia Madden-University of Memphis
Josh McKinley-Smith-Rhodes College
Sophia Osella-Rhodes College
Nguyen Huong Pham-Rhodes College
Xin Shu-Rhodes College
Allison Yu-Rhodes College

For updates, “like” the Crossoads Facebook page.

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