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Rhodes Students Participate in International Internships

Publication Date: 6/11/2012

Each summer, Rhodes students have opportunities to gain work experience outside the United States through the Mertie Buckman, Morelle Legge, and William Theodore Eckels International internship programs. The following students are participating in internships abroad this summer.

Through the Mertie Buckman International Internship Program

  • Kondwani Banda ’14 in Dominican Republic
  • Erik Klingbeil ’13 in Tanzania
  • Dylan Ledbetter ’14 in Jordan
  • Katie McCoid ’13 in Croatia
  • Laird McIver ’14 in Costa Rica
  • Parker Nelson ’14 in Costa Rica
  • Camilla Taufic ’13 in Poland

Through the Morelle Legge International Internship Program

  • Elizabeth Zuelke ’13 in Argentina

Through the William Theodore Eckels International Program

  • George Connor ’13 in Brazil
  • Wen Fu ’13 in England
  • Olivia Santarelli ’13 in France
  • Brian Tchang ’14 in China
  • Sameer Warraich ’13 in Jordan
  • Elizabeth Zuelke ’13 in Argentina

Back row, left to right: Erik Klingbeil, Parker Nelson, Kondwani Banda, Dylan Ledbetter, Sameer Warraich

Front row, left to right: Laird McIver, Elizabeth Zuelke, Katie McCoid, George Connor



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