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Science Students Present Research at Computational Chemistry Conference

Publication Date: 11/2/2011

This past weekend, six Rhodes students and Chemistry Professor Dr. Mauricio Cafiero attended the 20th Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry in Jackson, Miss. Rachel Sanders (chemistry, 2014) and Ashley Tufton (chemistry, 2013) were among those who attended.

The following students presented research:

Kelly Allison (chemistry, 2012): “MP2 and DFT Calculations of the Interaction Energies Between Boronated Aromatic Molecules and Small DNA Models: Applications to Cancer Therapy”

Erin Carter (chemistry, 2012): “Ligand Binding and Charge Migration in AChBP’s Aromatic Box”

Zoe Clark (biology, 2012): “A Model for Methylation of Cytosine: a Potential Marker for Cancer”

Katherine DiGiovanni (biology, 2012): “MP2 Calculations of Interaction Energies Between Acetaminophen and Acetaminophen Analogues in Aryl Sulfotransferase”

According to Cafiero, this was one of the best “theory” conferences in chemistry in the country and was headlined this year by talks by two nobel prize winners—theoretical physicist Dr. Walter Kohn and chemist Dr. Harold Kroto.

back row: (l-r) Rachel Sanders, Kelly Allison, Zoe Clark, Ashley Tufton; front row: (l-r) Erin Carter, Katherine DiGiovanni

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