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Lindsey Bierle ′12

Hometown: Little Rock
Major: Biology

Watching Lindsey Bierle ’12 gather geckos from jars of isopropyl might make you rethink your Saturdays. For Bierle, these lizards will serve as a snapshot of a broad, tacit—but not unsung—Rhodes tenet: finding academic opportunity in service to the community.

Bierle, a Biology major and Religious Studies minor, will take the geckos to Science Clubs, a program on Tuesdays and Saturdays where students from Springdale Elementary may make their first forays into environmental biology through field trips and science experiments. As a graduate of the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts, Bierle has taken a passion she learned at home to a city where education needs critical attention.

“I love Memphis,” she says. She plans to live here for a year after her graduation. “I chose Rhodes because I knew I loved science. I knew that was what I was going to do the rest of my life.”

Bierle brought this conviction to Rhodes, and here kept it. She dedicated her freshmen year to taking advantage of the versatility of the liberal arts while still building on the skills she knew would serve her later. Summer after freshman year, she travelled with the Spanish Maymester program and returned to the lab in June to participate in yeast research with Rhodes Professor Mary Miller.

From then on, Bierle has demonstrated the interdisciplinary appetite—hallmark of a liberal arts attitude. She served as a Biology lab teaching assistant for her sophomore and junior years, and has in her senior year returned to yeast research as an RSAP for the Biology Department. She also serves as president of the Mu Rho Chapter of the BBB National Biology Honor Society.

Interning as a Rhodes Summer Fellow at Baptist East and shadowing pediatric residents at Le Bonheur, she has also taken advantage of off-campus opportunities tailored to her intended career. She watches the pros, reflects, and garners pre-professional experience. She intends to work again at Baptist East after graduation, this time as an ER scribe.

Yet she does not forget to pay it forward. Bierle has found in her studies an intersection between academic excellence and the needs of the community beyond the campus—rather, on the frontlines—in ERs and elementary class rooms. Moreover, she has demonstrated dedication in staying there.

Her experiences here have shown that some of the best opportunities build. As a culmination of her multifaceted Rhodes tenure, Bierle plans to spend some time in Central America this summer, perhaps joining the Healthcare Maymester in Nicaragua—but not before brushing up on her medical Spanish.

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Patrycja Krakowiak November 24, 2012

As your ASMSA biology teacher, I always knew you would do "great things". I am very proud of you, especially your community involvement! I await continued, amazing news of all you have to offer to the world.

Mary Pat Bierle November 7, 2011

Lindsey, you are an incredible young woman and I′m proud to call you my niece!! You go, girl!

Lacy Selig November 5, 2011

What an amazing student! It makes me proud to be a fellow ASMSA grad.

Jane Bierle Leavitt November 3, 2011

I am so incredibly proud of my niece and her accomplishments. She is a role model for all students and young adults!