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Staff Achievement/Years of Service Celebrated

Publication Date: 5/16/2011


The college will pay tribute to staff with a brunch on May 19. Winners of the “Team Rhodes” Awards and Outstanding Staff Awards will be announced. Staff members with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 years of service will be recognized at the program held in the McCallum Ballroom.


45 Years of Service
Raymond Boles

35 Years of Service
Sarah Hatgas

30 Years of Service
Joyce Rollins
Linda Burks

25 Years of Service
Janice Tankersley
Ellowee Cassey
Willie Sims

20 Years of Service
Bama Strickland
Matt Dean
Marci Hendrix
Cornett Townes
Andy Marcinko

15 Years of Service
Betty Fields
Anita Davis
Russell Wigginton
Cissy Whittaker

10 Years of Service
Marianne Luther
Loretta Yarbrough
Jeffrey Norris
Rachel Feinman
Tracy Adkisson
Jeffrey McClain
Kenan Padgett
Bobby Parson

5 Years of Service
Kevin Cherry
Amanda Tamburrino
Ashley Bianchi
Lorie Yearwood
Linda Gibson
Pamela Detrie
Tracy Patterson
Rashad Bonner
Caroline Willson
Garrick Florence
Chenobia Webster
Libby Wyatt
John Gorgia
Melvin Becton
Mary Holmes
Lance Kimbrell
Liz Love

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