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Construction of New Residence Halls To Begin Next Week

Publication Date: 3/10/2011

Construction of the new West Village residence halls, located on the current Glassell parking site and running parallel with the Bailey Lane entrance, will begin March 14. Fencing will surround the project site until its completion in summer 2012.

Here are points to keep in mind when entering/exiting the campus:

• Effective Monday, March 14, at 8 a.m., the existing Bailey Lane gate will be converted to a construction entrance/exit. Access in and out of the campus will not be possible at this point throughout the duration of the project.

• A new 24/7 gate will be staffed by Campus Safety on University Street at the gym parking lot. All pedestrian gates will be accessible.

• Faculty, staff, and students may continue to use the North Parkway entrance/exit.

• Guests, visitors and prospective students should be encouraged to utilize the staffed Phillips Lane entrance during normal business hours and Saturdays.

Ongoing project updates will be available on the Rhodes College website at http://www.rhodes.edu/physicalplant.asp.


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J. Allen Boone March 14, 2011

Thanks so much for your comment. The designated site for the new West Village was selected after extensive review of our campus master plan and exploration of alternative site options. Given the desire to create and enhance a new residential quadrangle on the west side of the campus and the advantages of locating a new residence hall adjacent to Glassell Hall that heretofore was somewhat isolated, the site was deemed to be the most desirable. In addition, the expansion of the Refectory to the south, helps form the new grand new quadrangle, consistent with the Oxonian model of English Collegiate architecture. Additional parking will be provided on campus along with a small service lane providing convenient access to Glassell Hall and the new West Village.

J. Allen Boone
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs
Rhodes College

Vance Rollins March 11, 2011

I do not understand why in the world the new dorms would be located where they are when there are much better sites. They will eliminate much needed parking and appear to be crammed in in this location.