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Sarah Bacot ′13

Hometown: Bay St. Louis
Major: History
Minor: Gender Studies, Spanish and Religious Studies
Fun fact: Sarah has two dogs named Dixie and Scooby after the Dixie Chicks and Scooby-Doo, respectively.

How did you choose your major?
I came in as a History major but thought seriously about Political Science and Religious Studies. I’ve had such awesome professors at Rhodes that every time I took a class in a different area, I wanted a new major and minor. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that History allows me to study all of the things I love in combination – religion, gender and even Spanish. It gives me the best of every world.

What did your internship at the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center entail?
I worked on a calendar of LGBT history, helped out with discussion groups and did research to find funding for the center.

In what ways did the internship form and change your perspective/outlook?
I think the best thing about working there was being able to find out how much the center means to the Memphis community because I got to see people come in and really use the resources. It was great to build a relationship with people there and it taught me a lot about the variety of people and life experiences in Memphis.

You also volunteer for the Humane Society?
Yes! I dog walk at Shelby Farms. I have severe dog withdrawals at college – seriously, it’s horrifying. The first day is a training session and you get these bright yellow shirts that say “dog walker” on the back. I go Saturday mornings now with my friends. It is so much fun!

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Lynn Brasfield March 1, 2011

You, Sarah, are the best!

Brittanie Boyd March 1, 2011

I am really looking forward to attending Rhodes College.