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Senior Bonner Scholars to Discuss Their Impact in Community

Publication Date: 2/16/2011

Bonner Scholars from the class of 2011 have each performed over 1,000 hours of service to the Rhodes and greater Memphis communities. Now these seniors will share what the Bonner program has taught them about themselves and the world in which they live, along with how their service has impacted Rhodes, Memphis, and other communities over this time.

Open to the public, presentations will take place on Feb. 17, Feb.27, and March 6 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Blount Auditorium. Presenters are:

Feb. 17
Katy Johnson
Jasdev Singh
Ashley Juenger
Courtney Waters
John Pevy

Feb. 27
Sydney Shearer
EJ Juchheim
Matt Brennan
Arpita Dirghangi
Brennan Lowery

March 6
Stephen Spainhour
Tyler Turner
Nicole Baker
Jill Yong

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Lucy Kellison ’13)

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