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English Major A Good Pick, Say Students Who Landed Fashion Industry Internships in New York

Publication Date: 11/10/2010

Three Rhodes students have put their English majors to work with fashion industry internships in New York City. This summer, Kristen Griffin ’11 completed an internship with Condé Nast, Megan Lally ’11 with Ralph Lauren, and Michaela Lynch ’11 with Seventeen magazine. Lally spoke about her experiences as part of a recent “Careers in English” alumni panel held on campus.

Lally, who is an English minor, says she used writing and other skills learned in class to complete various assignments at Ralph Lauren including working closely with the director of digital media and the director of corporate communications, drafting press releases and working on brand strategies using social networking. “It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” says Lally.

Lally and Griffin lived together in student housing at New York University while completing their internships. Within Condé Nast, Griffin worked specifically for Self magazine in advertising. Assignments included preparing conference rooms for meetings, helping prepare for Self events and creating recaps after the events with pictures and promotional materials used in the magazine. “The most challenging thing was just being able to keep up with a fast-paced environment,” says Griffin but adds that her liberal arts education at Rhodes helped prepare her for the environment at Condé Nast.

“I’m very glad I chose English as my major,” says Griffin. “A lot of people at work would ask me what my major was, and when I said English, they would say that was the best major to help me prepare for what I wanted to do.”

Lynch, also an English major, worked as an assistant to the sittings editor at Seventeen helping on photo shoots with both celebrity and “real girl” models, some of whom she helped select. She also wrote some of the blurbs about the outfits worn by the models in addition to blogging for the magazine’s website and creating online quizzes.

“I think English is a major that can fit in anywhere,” says Lynch. “It helped me so much with communication when emailing parents of the [younger] models and writing thank you letters. English is such a good pick.”

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Lucy Kellison ′13)

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 (l-r) Kristen Griffin ’11, Megan Lally ’11 and Michaela Lynch ’11

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