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Rhodes Students Admitted to Study Abroad Programs in Mathematics

Publication Date: 11/8/2010

Juniors Kaetlin Taylor and Ryan Carroll have been admitted to prestigious study abroad programs in mathematics. Taylor will study abroad this spring in the Mathematics in Moscow program in Russia, and Carroll will participate in the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program in Hungary.

“I′m really excited to have the opportunity to participate in the program,” says Taylor. “I’m a math major but have spent three semesters studying the Russian language.” She will reside at the Independent University of Moscow, where she plans to take courses in algebraic number theory, topology, and non-Euclidean geometry.

“I cannot wait to immerse myself in the mathematical and Hungarian cultures,” says Carroll, who plans to take courses in complex analysis, number theory, and abstract algebra. “Studying abroad promises to be a life-changing experience for me.” 

Carroll also is the recipient of a Buckman Scholarship, which provides additional funds for tuition, travel costs, living expenses and books during the study abroad period.

According to Michael Sheard, chair of Rhodes’ Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, “The world of mathematics is truly an international community. To be able to explore some great ideas in mathematics while living and learning in a different culture can be a magnificent component of a student’s education.”


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