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Charlie Wagner ′11

Charlie Wagner

Major: Psychology
Minor: Education
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Fun Fact: "I am originally from New Jersey. I moved to Nashville over winter break my freshman year, but I am a true Jersey girl at heart."

Why Rhodes?
I chose Rhodes based on sports and academics. It was just a nice mix. I knew I wanted to play field hockey in college and Rhodes was a great fit at the Division III level. I visited three times and fell in love with the campus. It was beautiful.

How do you juggle academics and athletics?
My high school was pretty hard, so I had to juggle athletics and academics, and it’s no different at Rhodes. Academics come first. My coach knows that. Everyone on the team knows that. And I would definitely say field hockey has helped me academically because of time management. Everyone says time management is key in college and for athletes this is especially true. You really learn to budget your time.

So field hockey has translated into classroom success?
Definitely. Everything stems from field hockey. My drive to be a better athlete on the field is what drives me to be a better student in the classroom.

In your spare time, you tutor students at Cypress Middle and Evergreen Presbyterian Church. Where did that passion to teach come from?
That came about from having great teachers in high school and at Rhodes. When you teach, you can really affect students’ lives, can affect how they view the world.

What teacher has been your greatest inspiration?
Dr. Wetzel. He’s just so interesting. He makes class so interesting. You can tell just how much he loves psychology when he teaches. And that love for psychology impacts me to learn more myself.

You’re pursuing a major in Psychology with a minor in Education. How will you combine those two academic passions once you graduate? What’s on your horizon?
I came to Rhodes very indecisive. I didn’t know my major and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now through my psychology and education classes, I’ve learned where I want to go after graduation. It’s probably going to be graduate school first, in either elementary education or counseling psychology. Both lead to helping professions. I really like to help my field hockey teammates, and that’s really what I’ve been doing my whole life. I’ve tried to be a leader on sports teams, and now I’m trying to do that with academics.

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