Environmental Field Study in Namibia



(Updated 1/31/13)

Program Name:

Environmental Field Study in Namibia

Course Credit:

Biology 214, 2 credit hours plus lab.  Includes Foundations Credit for F11

Location and Dates:

Nambia;  May 9-May 30, 2013

Eligibility Requirements:

A minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic and social standing


Environmental Issues in Southern Africa, Biology 212- 2 credit hours

Program Cost:

The cost for this program is $4,100 (airfare not included)

Program Description:

This program is an in-country exploration of the major environmental issues of Namibia. Students will spend three weeks in the region, visiting different ecosystems such as the desert in the Naukluft and Etosha National Park in Namibia. They will meet with indigenous people, NGOs, and governmental officers involved in local environmental issues. This course emphasizes critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning. Topics such as wildlife conservation policies and community-based conservation projects are studied by integrating the ecological, social, political and economic aspects of that system. Ultimately, the participation in this program will challenge students’ world-view and will enable them to increase their awareness and knowledge to become more effective leaders of our global society.


Professor Sarah Boyle