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Rhodes Listed as a Gem in College Admission Book Acceptance

Publication Date: 8/12/2010

In Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Students Find the Right College—and Find Themselves, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David L. Marcus follows veteran college counselor Gwyeth “Smitty” Smith as he guides seven college-bound seniors through the college search and admissions process.

In the book’s new paperback version, Rhodes College makes the rundown of often overlooked but excellent colleges in “Smitty’s Forty Overlooked Gems.”

The featured students in the book are from the Oyster Bay, N.Y. area but have diverse backgrounds. Marcus documents their self-discovery through the college admissions process as well as provides tips on financial aid planning, testing strategies, recommendation letters, the college essay and campus visits.

Published by Penguin Books, Acceptance also has a short self-assessment exercise at the end to help  students find the kind of college that best fits them.

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