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Crossroads to Freedom Celebrates Fifth Summer, Boasts Over 100,000 Items

Publication Date: 7/29/2010

The 2010 Crossroads Fellows will present the results of the summer program on Friday, July 30, beginning at 2 p.m. in Hyde Hall of the Refectory on campus.

Three of the first fellows will be among the presenters. Becky Williams ’07 and Crystal Windless ’08 will make remarks in person, and Francesca Davis ’08, who is in Arizona, will address the group using Skype.

Crossroads to Freedom is a digital archive that seeks to answer the question “How do we as a community, in Memphis, Tennessee, work together to preserve and understand our cultural heritage?” Many institutions and individuals in Memphis are dedicated to this task. Since 2006, student teams have been responsible for identifying individuals to interview, conducting video interviews, editing the transcripts, and cataloging and uploading the interviews. Students are drawn from a number of institutions and disciplines.

There are now over 100,000 items in the archive. One of the latest collections includes interviews of Al Bell, John Fry and Eddie Ray in collaboration with the Memphis Rock ′n′ Soul Museum.

In addition to posting community stories in the archive, one of the Crossroads groups--Team Hyde Park-- updated the Hyde Park Wikipedia page. Plans are in the works to create a video documenting the community′s assets and preserving personal stories. Read more about this community video in a blog piece by Crossroads fellow Isaiah Swanson.

The 2010 Crossroads Fellows are:

NeNe Bafford, Rhodes, ’11
Carlos Barksdale, Columbia University, ’14
Maxwell Hardy, Rhodes, ’12
Cris Hoyle, Xavier, ’14
Holly McGlown, Rhodes, ’13
Caroline Mulloy, Rhodes, ’11
Missy Murray, University of Memphis ’10
Eric Neimeyer, University of Pittsburgh, ’10
Treshain Norfleet, Rhodes ’13
LaKevia Perry, Rhodes, ’12
Bing Ren, Rhodes ’13
Tiffani Smith, Fisk University, ’10
Isaiah Swanson, Rhodes, ’12
Ashleigh Taylor, Tennessee State University, ’12
Bryson Whitney, Vanderbilt, ’11
John Yackulics, Rhodes, ’10

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Mark Mulloy July 29, 2010

Congratulations to all of the Crossroads Fellows.  Sounds like a job well done.