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Community Development Intern from Rhodes Assists VECA Block Clubs

Publication Date: 7/22/2010


Rhodes College has had a longstanding partnership with the Vollintine Evergreen Community Association (VECA), and this summer Rhodes student Morgan Hanna ’13 is assisting the VECA block clubs as a community development intern.

Activities thus far include clean ups, a health fair and a signage project. The University Lane block club is working on getting a sign that acknowledges their presence as an active block club.

Sponsored by the block club committee, the health fair held last month had participation from local healthcare businesses, volunteers, and residents of the Vollintine Evergreen Community. Residents obtained vital healthcare information as well as health screenings, eye tests, and shots. Door prizes and goody bags also were given to attendees.

Residents on Edward Street (University Lane Block Club) held a cleanup to remove tall trees that overshadowed the end of their street. In addition, Allied Waste Services and Memphis City Beautiful debuted its Community Dumpster Day at another clean up by the Watkins, Garland, McNeil, and Stonewall/Lyndale block clubs.

Reports Hanna about the Community Dumpster Day, “Approximately 250 people attended and helped clean the community. As part of an effort to beautify streets in Memphis and make them cleaner, City Beautiful is offering their dumpster to established block clubs to host clean ups on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.”

Those in the Vollintine Evergreen Community interested in starting a block club or having a Community Dumpster Day can contact Morgan Hanna at (901)-276-1782.  Block clubs hold monthly meetings at the VECA Welcome Center located at 1680 Jackson Avenue.


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