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Sid Strickland ’68 with Rockefeller U. Scientists Make Research Breakthrough

Publication Date: 7/19/2010

Sidney Strickland ’68, head of the Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics at New York City’s Rockefeller University, and his colleagues have been studying how blood flow and clot formation affect the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, they have proposed a new model for the vascular component of the disease.

Says Stickland in a video posted on the Rockefeller website, “Really most people have long considered Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia  to be very separable problems. But I think it is becoming increasingly clear that they are interrelated.”

Experiment findings have been published in the June 10th issue of Neuron. According to a Rockefeller news release, scientists reveal that “amyloid-β, which builds up around brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients, interacts with a common blood clotting agent to increase clotting in the arteries that feed the brain. Such activity could cut off blood flow to neurons, suffocating them over time. A drug that interferes with that process could reduce the memory loss and dementia that are the most wrenching consequences of the disease.”

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