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Regional Studies Fellows Delve into Varied Research Projects

Publication Date: 6/24/2010

The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies is currently in session through July 30. Serving as the 2010 faculty are Dr. Thomas S. Bremer, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Co-Director of the Memphis Music and Religion Archive project; Dr. Rosanna Cappellato, Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Jennifer Houghton, Assistant Professor of Geology; David Jilg, Associate Professor of Theatre; and Robert Saxe, Assistant Professor of History.

Dr. Milton C. Moreland, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Program in Archaeology, is the Director of Regional Studies. Participants are involved in furthering academic research on Memphis and the Mid-South region and are working on the following projects: 

Under the Direction of Professor Saxe:

Kimberly Harn ’11 of Seattle, WA
“Working Toward a New Vision of Environmental Protection: Environmental Justice and the US Environmental Protection Agency During the Clinton Years”
John Pevy ’11 of Clinton, TN
“Memphis and the McKinney-Vento Act: How the Clinton Administration′s Homeless Programs Impacted Memphis”

Dorothy Svgdik ’13 of Cordova, TN
“President Clinton’s Policies on Education and Their Impact on the Memphis City Schools System”

Under the Direction of Professor Jilg:

Caitlin Miller ’12 of Baton Rouge, LA, Aaron Nussdorf  ’13 of River Ridge, LA and  David Yarbrough ’12 of Memphis, TN

“The History of the McCoy Theatre at Rhodes College”

Under the Direction of Professor Cappellato:

Courtney Hagewood ’12 of Mount Juliet, TN
“The Development of the Chelsea ‘Rails-to-Trails’ Project: Establishing Community Support”

Alexander Nord ’12 of Louisville, KY
“Advancements Made and Possible Barriers for Remediation Regarding the Brownfields Within the Hollywood Community”

Blaire O′Neal ’12 of Memphis, TN
“Phase I Assessment of Brownfields: The Hollywood District of Memphis, TN”

Under the Direction of Professor Houghton:

Ruth Allard ’12 of Cedar Hill, TX
“How Pollution Moves In and Around Memphis Waterways”

Adam Alsamadisi ’12 of Bridgewater, NJ
“Dunn with the Defense: A Community′s Effort Toward Environmental Justice”

Andrea Perkins ’12, Milton, GA
“The Two Stories of the Defense Depot”
Under the Direction of Professor Bremer:

Jill Crenshaw ’11 of Bridgewater, NJ
“The Evolution of Summerland Grove: Factors that Contribute to Change of New Religions Over Time”

Bailey Romano ’12 of Slidell, LA
“The History of Music at Temple Israel”

Jerica Sandifer ’12 of Longview, TX
“Memphis Religion: Homosexuality in the Church”
Under the Direction of Professor Moreland:

William Bruce ’11 of Baton Rouge, LA
“Investigating the Cultural Identity of a Pre-historic Habitation Site at Ames Plantation”

Elizabeth Hook ’11 of Nashville, TN
“Archaeoastronomy at the Ames Plantation”

Katherine Yewell ’12 of Lexington, KY
“Crafting the Planter’s Image: Life in Nineteenth Century West Tennessee Through a Close Look at the Ames Plantation in Fayette County, TN”


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