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Communication is Key for Students Home for Summer

Publication Date: 6/10/2010

Most college students are happy to return home for the summer, and parents are happy to have them at home. However, students who enjoy independence at college sometimes have to be reminded of household rules, according to a recent article in The Commercial Appeal.

Carol Casey, dean of students at Rhodes, was interviewed for the article and recommends that parents have a conversation with their students soon after they arrive home and discuss which rules from high school still apply and which rules are negotiable. “It’s mostly a conversation in terms of values for the family and explaining that the students, while ready to assert their adulthood, are still members of the family.”

She notes that reasonable expectations include the students staying active and productive during the summer through a job, volunteer project or college course that requires them to use their brain and keep their skills sharp.

The article, written by Kathy K. Martin, also includes other topics to discuss such as curfews, summer jobs and finances, household chores, and family responsibility.

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