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Staffers Lauded for Outstanding Service

Publication Date: 5/19/2010

Rhodes College paid tribute to staff on May 18 with a brunch held in the Bryan Campus Life Center. Four Rhodes employees were recognized with the college’s 2010 Outstanding Staff Awards.

This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Administrative Services Staff award is Tony Moore, Building Maintenance Technician. Nominators wrote: “He is a skilled craftsman who brings precision and excellence to every job he does, big or small.  There is no such thing as ‘good enough.’ He is a problem-solver—MacGyver could learn a trick or two from him. If you need a hand, Tony will be there to provide it before you even have a chance to ask.  He exemplifies teamwork within his department as well as across the campus.”

Departmental Assistant Lorie Yearwood received the Outstanding Administrative Staff award. Her nominators wrote: “Lorie has done a phenomenal job for the English department. She is even-tempered, cordial, professional; she anticipates deadlines and makes helpful suggestions. She has the skills to help us with the departmental newsletter, with updating the departmental website, and creating the brochures with our course offerings. She has done splendid work with the Rhodes Summer Writing Camp.  She is simply the best person we have ever had in this position.”

Outstanding Administrator awards were presented to Kathleen Cates, Director of Accounting Information Services, and Robert Shankman, Head Coach of Cross-Country and Track & Field.

For the past 17 years, Cates has been described an individual who comes to campus every day with a smile and an eagerness to begin the day. Nominators wrote: “She has grown in knowledge and expertise from an entry-level position to becoming a director over the services she so proficiently provides to our community. To say she is enthusiastic about her job and loves a good challenge is almost trite.  She couldn’t allow herself to perform less than 100% on even the smallest task, and challenges are truly exciting for her.  Her endless patience and soft voice are the ultimate balm for a confused student, anxious faculty member, or frustrated staff member in need of support and quick answers. Rhodes is a great place and runs like a well-oiled machine because of so many employees like her who do not have a ‘job’—they have a fulfilling career among family.”
During Shankman’s 20-year tenure at Rhodes, the Lynx have won 25 Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference titles in Women’s and Men’s Cross-Country and Track and Field, and he has been named the SCAC Coach of the Year 23 times. Shankman has won more conference championships than any other coach in SCAC conference history. Nominators wrote about him: “Robert has mentored and coached numerous Cross-Country and Track and Field All Americans, as well as national qualifiers. Coach Shankman is a leader in the Memphis running community. For the past 20 years, he has organized and implemented the Mike Cody 4-Mile Classic, which is a tradition in the Memphis running community.  His athletes are engaged and successful students, committed and intense competitors, and they are integrated into all facets of the co-curricular and social opportunities available at Rhodes. He is an example not only to student athletes but to fellow coaches as he challenges others to meet his standard.”


“Team Rhodes” Recognition for collaboration across departmental lines went to the Afternoon Coffee Club and the Campus Visit Team.

The Afternoon Coffee Club meets monthly and serves to coordinate and align programming for departments having contact with external constituents when two or more of the departments are involved in a particular program.  It serves as a source of information to keep staff members apprised of efforts in fellow departments. 

Team members are Megan Andrews, Beverly Brooks, Terese Buscher, Caroline King, Angela Kornman, Lauren Sefton, Teneice Stegall, Dave Wottle, Katherine Dunbar-Smith, Carson Irwin, Tracy Patterson, Sarah Pospisil, Bud Richey, Mike Clary, Amy Oakes, Sandi Tracy, Martha Shepard, Liz Daggett, Kerry Connors, Jim Duncan, Kye Lee, Jay Philpott, Amanda Tamburrino, Jenna Wade, and Libby Wyatt.

The Campus Visit Team has made significant contributions to the way prospective students are introduced to Memphis, and how they begin their relationship with the Rhodes community. Some changes made as a result of the team’s recommendations are families greeted by staff when they arrive, students get to choose the class they visit, daily listing of student visitors available to faculty and staff, more tour guides to facilitate smaller, more personal tours, current students walking visitors to class and having lunch with visiting families, every family has a conversation with a staff member, professors participating in information sessions, birthday cards sent to students who have visited, scholarship program for top scholars, Saturday visitation year round, and students names, hometown, and high school shown on the Media Wall in Burrow.

Team members are Caroline King, Mike Clary, Joye Myers, Mel Richey, Teneice Stegall, Peter Zanca, Joe Montelione, Dorothy Brownyard, Terese Buscher, Bob Johnson, Daney Kepple, Reida Benson, Beverly Brooks, Jenna Wade, Dan Schrader, Regina Simmons, Brent Owens, Jon Duncan, and Milton Moreland.


At this year′s Campus Life Awards hosted by student leaders, awards also were presented to Rhodes staff for exceptional work. Vivian Albert was recognized as the Loretta Watkins Outstanding Housekeeper and Fred Garrett was recognized as the Outstanding Campus Safety Officer.

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