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Rhodes Rebuilds

We come from different backgrounds and hometowns, but we’re here for one purpose: to lend a helping hand. Our group responds to national and international disasters. After Hurricane Katrina, it was apparent that an organization was needed on campus that would allow students the opportunity to take part in rebuilding what was lost. That’s us. We’re a group of students who respond to crises, who aren’t afraid of getting dirty and who’ll drive eight hours straight just to don dust masks and work gloves. We are masters of fundraising and relief trips. We have dedication, enthusiasm and peoplepower. Being a member of Rhodes Rebuilds is tough, tiring work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andy Foss-Grant ’10
Dripping Springs, TX

The Rhodes Rebuilds trip to Bay St. Louis, MS, was an amazing experience for me. One goal of mine is someday to start a charity or foundation. I don’t care about having money myself, but if my making money can help others, I’m all for it.

Camille Byars ’09
Wayzata, MN / New Orleans, LA

I love volunteering and I also love anything to do with the outdoors—running, tennis, venturing over to the zoo or playing in Overton Park. I’ll be going on a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) trip in New Zealand next semester and hope the experience will help guide me in some sense to where I want to be after I graduate from Rhodes.

Meredith Cavin ’10
St. Paul, MN

Since freshman year, my most rewarding experiences at Rhodes have been making new friends and living with the great women in my suite. I feel very at home and happy here, and I focus on trying to make other people feel that way, too.

Valisa Berber-Thayer ’09
Fredericksburg, TX

My involvement with the Bonner program has enriched my experience both at Rhodes and in Memphis. The service I’ve completed has allowed me to make deeper connections to what I’ve learned in the classroom and has also given me the opportunity to gain personal insight into some of the issues that face Memphis and urban communities like it.

Ciara Conway ’10
Memphis, TN

I have only been at Rhodes for a few months, but the experience I’ve shared with the Rhodes Rebuilds team has opened my eyes, introduced me to new people and ideas and given me a fresh perspective on what a disaster actually is.

Andrew Roads ’09
Clarksville, TN

In Bay St. Louis, the group I worked with mudded, sanded, primed and painted almost all of the dry wall in one couple’s house. While we were unable to complete the task in the limited time we were down there, we did help a family come closer to living in the house they lived in before Katrina.

Tara Schultz ’08
Memphis, TN

I hope to participate in Teach for America after graduation. Like the service I’ve done with Rhodes Rebuilds, Teach for America will allow me to continue helping people who really need it. I hope to stay in Memphis for the position because the inner-city schools need teachers who will be dedicated to progress.

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