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Rene Orth ′07

When asked what my most meaningful Rhodes experience has been, I start with, “It happened at my Senior Piano Recital…” Walking onto the stage of Tuthill Performance Hall to give what amounted to the culmination of my four years of musical study and practice here, I was not only touched to see who was in the audience, but also the number of people who came to support me. Everyone who has impacted my time at Rhodes—students, friends, professors and administrators alike—was there to show their interest in my work. 

As a music major, my work has not been limited to performance. Composition is my greatest passion, and my current honors project consists of writing a piece for the Rhodes Women’s Chorus, which will be performed later this spring. Such an opportunity could not occur without the constant presence and dedication of my professors and fellow music majors. Where else can you feel like your talents are not only appreciated, but are continually cultivated and encouraged?
This same sense of community and connection with the Rhodes campus at large led to my involvement with the Honor Council, a service that is my first priority after my studies. I have had the honor of serving as Honor Council president this year, but I started as a sophomore representative and then became vice president my junior year. While this commitment can be quite demanding and sometimes frustrating, I find it all doubly worth it. It is an amazing experience to dedicate yourself to upholding a tradition that is over 100 years old. Having the opportunity to serve on the Council has made me appreciate the Rhodes community and the Honor Code so much more.

At Rhodes, varsity athletes are always encouraged to be students first. I have played on the varsity women’s basketball team for the past four years, and my coaches have always been extremely flexible and understanding with the demands of my academic work. Playing for a Division III school has also allowed me to fully participate in all Rhodes has to offer while letting me remain a devoted athlete. Some of my favorite people on this campus are my teammates! 

With so many opportunities and resources unique to Rhodes, it is hard to imagine an undergraduate experience elsewhere. Whatever the future brings, I know that I have laid a strong foundation for myself here.

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