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Web Site Team

Last summer, we sat all day in a basement computer lab known as the Underground Communications Lair of Web Site Knowledge. We build web pages, edit content, and watch childhood television shows on We′ve learned HTML code. We′ve Google Earth′ed everything in the Memphis area. We know our way around every page of the new Rhodes web site. We′re so hardcore, we each have TWO monitors. From nine to five, computers are our lives.

Meredith Allison ‘07
“European Studies was the best semester I’ve ever had at Rhodes, even though it wasn’t at Rhodes. I would recommend it to anyone; it was life-changing. It’s a chance to explore multiple cultures, not just one.”

Evan Elliott ‘07
"I’m the managing editor of the Sou’Wester; I was the sports editor my junior year. I love baseball. I don’t remember life before baseball. I play a little Frisbee with the Rhodes club team. My older brother has run a few triathlons and made me promise to run one with him next summer.”

Crystal Jessee ‘07
“Teamwork is very important in sports; you have to communicate with the rest of the players. I’m one of three seniors on the basketball team. It’s been fun having all these new freshmen. When I graduate, I’m going to miss sports and my friends. It’s bittersweet.”

Chase LaFont ‘08
“I was the second person to do the dual-degree program in engineering. I have one-and-a-half years left at Rhodes, and then two years at Washington University. I’ll graduate from there with degrees in physics and engineering. The physics department here is awesome. There’s a lot of personal time with the faculty.”

Jevon Reinke ‘07
“I just got bored at the beginning of the summer and put on a charity event. The profit was split between St. Jude and the Vollintine-Evergreen Greenline Project. It was all for the kids, so anything went. We partied for a cure.”  

Roslyn Valentine ‘07
“When I came to Rhodes, I was amazed by the volunteering. People had told me that Rhodes was really into service, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I bet you are.’ But students really are like that. It was surprising in a good way.”

Meaghan Ybos ’08
“I’m volunteering for the Women’s Center next year. They have counseling where people can call in if they have an issue, and the center raises community awareness. Especially with many students from out of town, it’s necessary to give people an opportunity to seek help.”

(Front row, left to right: Crystal Jessee, Meaghan Ybos, Christina Huntington ′96 (Rhodes Web Project Manager). Back row, left to right: Meredith Allison, Evan Elliott, Jevon Reinke, Roslyn Valentine. Not pictured: Chase LaFont.)

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