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Truett Horne ′07

If you love learning and want to get involved, Rhodes is the perfect place for you. At least it has been for me.

You don’t expect to find a great business department at a liberal arts college, but my business/economics bridge major has been the ideal preparation for my lifetime dream of starting and running my own business. Most of the professors have real-world experience and strong connections, and they love to help students land great internships. I spent last summer with Stephens, Inc., an investment banking firm in Little Rock, which I liked so much I could happily spend a career there. Professor Pittman is also helping check out opportunities on Wall Street.

There are some experiences you know will be life-changing ,and spending six weeks in Oxford my junior year as a part of the European Studies program was one of them. At Oxford we studied the classics in history, philosophy, and literature. Then we toured the Eastern European countries, visiting the sites we read about at Oxford. My friends and I kept saying to ourselves, “We will never forget this.” We haven’t.

I know I will not forget many things about my life here—being part of my fraternity, spending sophomore year as a residence hall adviser, rowing for the club crew team. Mostly it’s being part of a community, almost like having another family. Plus, I think I got a better education than I would have gotten at an Ivy.

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