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Peace, Justice & the Environment

We meet every Sunday evening for dinner and a discussion about what Peace, Justice, and the Environment will accomplish in the weeks to come. We bring up “hot-bed” issues and present the facts about environmental sustainability, social justice and nonviolence campaigns. We are as different in our classroom interests as we are in our broader involvement on the Rhodes campus. We have a magnificent synthesis; some might say we feed off of each other. We are dreamers: Our goals continually grow larger than our current scope allows, but the opportunities to work for the common good and connect with people have grown along with our ideals.

Joey Miller ’08

Participating in the Bonner Program has been one of the most meaningful of my experiences at Rhodes. In fact, it was a deciding factor that helped me choose Rhodes. The people who are part of Bonner have proved to be an amazing source of support, and I have made some of my best friends within the program. The experience also has encouraged me to reach out in many different directions of service—from my position as president of Habitat for Humanity to that of house chair for my fraternity, I was introduced to Peace, Justice, and the Environment and its original coordinators—Megan and Leonard—through the Kinney Program. Since I have joined them as a coordinator, I have been able to broaden my reach of service that I began as a Bonner Scholar.

Megan Colnar ’08

I am not a Bonner Scholar, and engaging in active service was not really part of my life until I came to Rhodes. Here, I learned the difference between service and volunteering. To volunteer means to give yourself and your time to an activity for a certain duration; to serve, however, is the idea of constant voluntarism and consistent compassion that become part of a lifetime commitment. The Peace, Justice, and the Environment organization beats in my heart for this very reason. I am very involved in V-Day, the international organization whose mission is to stop violence against women. These passions of mine have helped me to build strong connections in the student body, in the Rhodes community at large and in the city of Memphis.

Leonard Curry ’07

If you run into people who say they don’t like working on a team, it’s because they haven’t worked with a good team that gets the job done. Working with Megan and Joey has definitely been an experience in good teamwork. For me, the last four years at Rhodes have been about growth. I look back at all I have done, all the classes I have taken, all the people with whom I have connected, all the organizations I have joined or assisted, and I see the formation of who I am today. From my tenure as president of the Black Student Association to coordinating Peace, Justice, and the Environment,, I have grown as a leader and in my service to others.


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