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Emily Deichmann & Rebecca Smith, ′07

Our senior seminar psychology course required us to assess the Rhodes Vision statement, and it came to our attention that the college did not have a comprehensive alumni survey. We thought Rhodes needed insight from past students to explore its mission statement, so we decided to develop an online survey that would help fulfill the needs of the Alumni Office and demonstrate Rhodes’ impact on its alums throughout their lives. It was the first comprehensive alumni survey for Rhodes, examining all areas of the college including such topics as the Honor Code, Rhodes’ Presbyterian heritage, academics and extracurricular activities. The project gave us an amazing hands-on research experience and an opportunity to put our four years of psychology instruction and theory into application. Besides helping Rhodes, it’s given us a chance to give back to a college that has given so much to us.

Emily Deichmann ’07

I transferred from a college in Raleigh, NC, where most of the students were from instate. At Rhodes, I have met amazing people from all over the country. Attending a college out of state has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The students here are intelligent yet down-to-earth, and when the weekend rolls around, we all like to have fun. Going to the river, Beale Street, movies with friends and football games during the fall are just a few of the great memories I have from my years here. My favorite time of the year is Rites of Spring, the three-day music festival Rhodes hosts each spring semester. The college brings bands to play in the amphitheater and there are crawfish boils and music all day at the fraternity houses. Attending Rhodes has been such a full experience for me, and I’m now proud to be an alum.

Rebecca Smith ’07

Academically, the alumni survey was the most rewarding experience of my Rhodes career. I had the privilege of working with psychology professor Bette Ackerman and associate vice president Bud Richey while being given the chance to reflect on my college experience as I approached graduation. I saw first-hand how surveys are researched, developed, assessed and utilized, and gained irreplaceable presentation skills. It was wonderful combining all aspects of my education to create something meaningful while also realizing my potential. I also, especially, enjoyed the well rounded experience that I had at Rhodes. The thing I will cherish most from my experience is the people I have met; I have enjoyed meeting and learning from them. I will never forget the fraternity cookouts, Beale Street, or socializing in the library. The opportunities I had at Rhodes, and the alumni survey in particular, gave me confidence in myself and the knowledge I possess.

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