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CODA: Promoting the Arts

CODA stands for the Center for Outreach in Development of the Arts. We’re a group of students who work with the faculty, administration and a network of arts leaders around the country to promote the arts on the Rhodes campus. We love the arts and we want to make its presence on campus known. The arts provide a service to society, shaping our culture and enlightening our lives. As student members of CODA, we hope to take our experiences, what we’ve seen, learned, and put into practice out into the world, creating a community of people interested in making the arts an important part of our lives.

Charlotte Ashford ’10

Whether it’s having a more extensive A&E section of the paper, sponsoring more college art exhibits and concerts, or jumpstarting LynxTV, it is my and CODA’s mission in the next four years to make the arts’ presence felt on campus.      

Andrew Whaley ’08

From my first day in acting class, I was quickly humbled by how much the upperclass students knew and how much work they put into their studies outside of class.  At Rhodes students are listened to and their opinions respected.  We stand together and the faculty stands behind us.

Daniel Frankel ’09

CODA recently traveled to San Francisco. The trip gave me the incredible opportunity to meet arts leaders and explore a city I would never otherwise have had the chance to see. Being a part of the program is one of the greatest things ever to happen to me and has truly changed my life.

Natalija Kokoreva ’10

Everything I do at Rhodes is so rewarding. The curriculum gives great opportunities to explore various subjects from new points of view. I’ve learned a great deal of responsibility, commitment and time management.

Lauren Kennedy 08

Many people see the arts as something elitist, even inaccessible for a majority of the population. And in my opinion, that is the very opposite of what art should be. Art can be accessible to all people of all backgrounds. It is something that can bridge differences.

Luke Branim ’10

Either professionally or just in terms of advocacy, I’ll always be involved with theater. I attribute being admitted to Rhodes and getting where I am right now to the arts. I’m planning on opening up a program with a community theater where Rhodes students can put on a  play independent of any other leadership: writing, directing, designing, and acting in it.

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