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Cassie Ortiz ′07

I chose Rhodes because I was looking for a close community in a completely different part of the country. It was a great choice for me, and I would advise any others from the West Coast to do the same. My college experience has been everything one could ask.

I was looking for a different culture, and I found it. There’s nowhere else like Memphis! And not only did I get to experience the South, my financial aid transferred to an international business program in Belgium, where I lived for a semester with students from all over Europe.  In one class, we played a sophisticated marketing game where each team functioned as the marketing manager for a product.  The semester-long game applied principles I had been studying since freshman year.

I always knew I wanted to be a business major because it is practical for any career choice after graduation. The liberal arts aspect has also been very rewarding. The Life course freshman year taught me in how to articulate my feelings about religion. And an architecture course paid royal dividends when I traveled in Europe.

I have enjoyed my sorority experience, too, not just because of the great friends, but because it’s an easy way to get involved in other things at Rhodes and in Memphis. Volunteering and fundraising to support the efforts of St. Jude Children′s Research Hospital have been particularly rewarding.

Most of all, it’s been great to just spend time with friends, and Memphis is a great place to do it all—the occasional Grizzlies game, wonderful restaurants and hanging out on campus, downtown or by the river. After graduation I will enter a leadership training program within the Consumer Products division of L′Oreal.  The program will give me exposure to multiple functions of the business and after two years I will take on a more permanent position,  Throughout my job search, recruiters had consistent enthusiasm for experience abroad and an economics and business concentration in the context of a liberal arts education.

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