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Caleb Standafer ′08

When people learn I am from Los Angeles they invariably ask me if Memphis has been a culture shock. To the contrary, I have found it a delightful place to experience college life. I enjoy my church, opera, symphony, theater and dinners with friends. The patchwork nature of Memphis neighborhoods compels me to encounter the social differences that motivate all Rhodes students to service in Memphis.

I chose Rhodes after studying college guides and investigating interesting schools, then ranking their mock trial, choral and swimming programs. I considered academic rigor, law school acceptance rates and food service quality. A campus visit showed me the beautiful and inspirational architecture of Rhodes. I could see myself as a Rhodes student.

My classes have been stimulating, primarily because the professors are deeply engaged both inside and outside the classroom. They desire to help students realize their goals and mature intellectually, and are willing to go beyond the ordinary to assist eager students.

Because academics are my first priority, I chose to take advantage of the outstanding fitness facilities and intramural athletics rather than swim competitively. Competing with the mock trial team and performing with the Rhodes Singers have been very rewarding.

I also have discovered some unanticipated satisfactions. The Search Program is first-rate at helping students to understand the roots of Western civilization. A serendipitous learning experience is a student-initiated after-school program for fifth- through eighth-graders at a local school. Additionally,Rhodes Christian Fellowship has helped me grow spiritually.

After graduation I plan to attend law school, clerk for a federal judge and then practice appellate law. Rhodes is providing an excellent foundation to pursue that career and to live a life of learning.

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