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Aaron Creek ′07

My fascination with science and health care began around the dinner table at home. My mother, an ER nurse and educator, and my father, a paramedic and fire department captain, set a great example of serving others. Having them as role models had everything to do with my desire to be an orthopedic surgeon.

Because of the culture of service at Rhodes and its location in Memphis, students have a great opportunity to craft experiences that suit their passions and ambitions. My career here is a good example.

Seeking an internship in a trauma area, I went to the Med, the Mid-South’s regional trauma hospital. I have worked as an orderly there for the last three years and know that the hands-on experience with patient care will make me a better doctor and a more humane person.

Ready for the next stage, I went to the Career Services Office on campus. The people there lined me up with Dr. Robert Miller at Campbell Clinic, an internationally-known orthopedic facility with some of the best orthopedists in the world. That semester I got to accompany him on pre- and post-op visits, a completely different kind of patient contact for me.

The next semester I worked with Dr. Jeffrey Sawyer. For one of his projects we looked at bone injury patterns in children who had gone through trauma from accidents on all-terrain vehicles. That summer I got to work as research coordinator at the InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute.

As a Bonner Scholar and Kinney program coordinator, I have learned that a desire to serve others is not enough to maximize the impact of that service. The fact that Rhodes has seven staff members who are completely dedicated to helping students pursue undergraduate research and service is a tremendous resource. It was within this structure that I was able to start a Students for Organ Donation chapter on campus.

Rhodes has been a great fit for me.

Editor′s note: Aaron is the only undergraduate liberal arts student in the U.S. to receive the prestigious Luce Scholarship.

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