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Five Days Without Luggage Doesn’t Stop Student Blogger from Enjoying Barcelona

Publication Date: 3/15/2010

Rhodes College junior Philinese Kirkwood (Philly) is one of 32 bloggers for the Institute for the International Education of Students Abroad (IES). Judging by her posts, which include photos and video to capture sights and sounds of her experiences, she has had quite an adventure in Barcelona, Spain.

“I’ve been a victim of pickpocketting. My phone and camera were stolen last week . . .” she writes. In one video entry she is wearing her host mom’s shirt after her luggage is lost at the airport. Still she writes, “5 days without luggage isn’t stopping me from enjoying Barcelona!”

Carpe Diem--“Seize the Day”--is the motto Kirwood lives by, and she also shares fun adventures such as attending her first futbol game with thousands of fans and staying up late one night to watch a tap dancer perform on the street.

One of her more recent video entries dispels beliefs about it not snowing in Barcelona. “It’s only snowed about 3 xs in 15 years here. Everyone was going crazy! The metro, school, and bus stations ALL closed down. Taxis were also nowhere to be found.”

You can enjoy all her entries at: http://blogs.iesabroad.org/author/philinese-kirkwood/

At Rhodes, Kirkwood is studying political science and theatre. She aspires to be a news anchor and is interested in how European media differs from that of the United States. She says she chose to study in Barcelona to expand her political, social, and cultural worldview.

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