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Noah and Trent Schill ′11

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Belivdere Center, VT
Fun Fact: Noah and Trent sound a lot alike for fraternal twins—same major, both homeschooled, both have work-study jobs, both are on ROTC scholarships—but they claim to be completely different.

Noah Schill ′11 Okay, so how are you different?
Noah—I’m much more outgoing and have a wider range of friends. Trent has closer relationships.

Trent—I’m more like Mom while Noah is more like Dad. You know what they say—opposites attract.

Well, you both chose Rhodes …
Trent and Noah—For different reasons.

Noah—We both wanted out of New England, so we both looked at Southern schools. I was attracted to the Memphis location—a big city with a small town feel and all the big city amenities. The restaurants are amazing! If you’re going to be a Rhodes student you’d better love food! And music. The concert scene is fantastic. And sports—the Redbirds, the Grizzlies .…

Trent—I love to find the nook and cranny places downtown and walk the riverwalk or sit on Mud Island and read a book. Anyway, we were flipping through Choosing the Right College and I noticed that all of Rhodes’ rankings were 98 and 99.

Noah—I’d never even heard of Colleges That Change Lives until I got here. When I read the description of Rhodes, I wanted to apply all over again.

Trent—I was attracted to the small classes and the Honor Code.

Noah—It all just felt right to me.

Trent—Unlike most students, it wasn’t the visit that did it for us. We were too far away and looking at too many schools. So we did the Google Maps tour. When we got here, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. And the library—oh, wow!

Trent Schill ′11 Tell me about being homeschooled.
Trent—It started after kindergarten, and it worked, so we just kept it up.

Noah—None of us was sure how it would work out in high school but we were pretty self-directed by then. We used AP textbooks and started taking college courses in our junior year.

Trent—Both of our parents work at home, so Dad helped with math and science, Mom with humanities and social studies.

Since you’re both Psychology majors, have you had many classes together?
Trent and Noah—One, and not by design. It just worked out that way.

Noah—I intended to major in either Business or International Studies but didn’t really like either one. Then I took my first Psychology course and loved it. There are so many avenues you can take within that field, but my goal is to counsel military families.

Trent—My first love was Religious Studies. I also fell in love with the Search course, and one of my professors, a philosopher, made me fall in love with that as well. I considered six different majors before I settled on Psychology with a Religious Studies minor. I’m interested in counseling, too, but not for families. When I took the “Pain, Suffering and Death” course I knew what I wanted to do with my major and my minor—work with Air Force personnel who have experienced pain and trauma.

What attracted you to Air Force careers?
Noah—We did the Civil Air Patrol and search and rescue in high school, and that got us interested. Plus we have many family friends who made that choice, and we grew up hearing their stories.

Trent—We saw the Thunderbirds when we were 13. I was hooked then.

How do you do ROTC at Rhodes?
Noah and Trent—We go to the University of Memphis three times a week.

Noah—One thing I love about Rhodes is the people. Other students have given us their car keys, and one of our professors gave us his cell number and said, “Call me anytime you don’t have a ride.”

Trent—We only go home once a year so, we have been adopted by families all over the South. People are so much nicer down here!

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Lyndall Hauver March 2, 2010

I have met these guys and they are equally impressive in person.  Way to go and Rhodes is lucky to have you both!!  Good luck in your last year and a half!!