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Ultimate is Here to Play

Publication Date: 2/22/2010

Rain, snow, or sleet—nearly any day of the week—it seems as though you can find the field between Buckman Hall and North Parkway overrun with members of Rhodekill, the Rhodes Ultimate Frisbee team. What makes this group of athletes so dedicated and passionate?

Co-Captain Scott Galloway says, “I became interested in Ultimate Frisbee because it allows you to push yourself physically during a game but still go out  and be laidback with the other team afterwards. There are really no other sports like it.”

What sets Ultimate apart from other competitive team sports is that there are no officials on the field, even during major tournaments. Instead, competitions are ruled by the “Spirit of the Game,” meaning players make their own calls and collaborate with the other team to come up with a solution.

“You’re expected to play by the rules, and so I think that honor system fits with the practice at Rhodes, where all students abide by the Honor Code,” Galloway adds.

Practicing three times a week, Rhodekill trains to compete against teams from Ole Miss, University of Tennessee, Auburn, and Arkansas. Playing against teams from schools of that size can be a challenge, according to Galloway. “It’s difficult to compare Rhodes to the teams we see at the tournaments because schools that big can choose from a pool of talent that’s ten times larger than ours at Rhodes. However, we’ve beaten Ole Miss in the past, and we’ve played a couple of close games with Tennessee,” boasts Galloway.

Ultimate Frisbee offers more than just physical benefits. Galloway says, “Besides getting a great cardio workout, you get to develop a friendship with everyone on the field and not just with your own teammates. The benefits lie within the camaraderie and the good times that you have on and off the field.”

Rhodekill’s next tournament, “T-Town Throwdown,” will take place on the weekend of February 26 and 27 in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

(Information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Brianna McCullough ′10.)

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Jay Eckles ′00 February 22, 2010

Folks may or may not know that Rhodekill has been around 10 years now! Ultimate was being played in front of Buckman when I got here as a freshman, but Sam Weems ′02 organized it as a club sport in 2000.