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Student Writers

How can a small staff report the many rich stories about Rhodes students, faculty, research, events and news—all on a daily basis? Meet our secret weapon: five Rhodes Student Associates who write for the Communications Office.

Bryan Hearn ’09

Favorite Assignment: "The Dean′s Blog piece on the Lynx logo, which the British Navy Air Squad Unit appropriated and put on their helicopters. Larry Ahokas, the Rhodes graphic designer, said when he created the logo he expected it to be on football helmets. Never in his wildest dreams did he foresee it appearing on helicopters."

Lessons from the Job: "I have improved my communication, writing and analytical skills, which will transfer to whatever I do next. I’m thinking about becoming an English teacher, so the ability to explain ideas and ask the right questions will come into play."

Off the Clock: Bryan admits he′s addicted to fantasy baseball. "My friends make fun of me and say it′s not real, but I disagree." Recently, though, Bryan′s enthusiasm has shifted to his new puppy, a blue Chihuahua named Chico.


Kristine Overacre ’09

Favorite Assignment: "Interviewing Prof. Eric Gottlieb, a mathematician. His field is very different from mine, so we learned about each other′s disciplines, study abroad experiences and favorite books. I recommended Henry James novels, while he suggested a book on game theory."

Lessons from the Job: "I had written press releases before, but profiles were a new format for me. You have to be careful about how you represent someone, and you have to provide an in-depth focus. My writing improved once I realized I wasn′t arguing a thesis; I didn′t need to repeat the same points."

Ocean Queen: After Henry James novels, Kristine′s other obsession is watersports, especially SCUBA diving and sailing. She loves sharks and has fearlessly encountered a few on diving trips.


Carrie Tahu ’09

Favorite Assignment: An article for RHODES magazine about students and faculty collaborating on research. The issue told about the new Burrow Center and its "one for all" approach to serving students. My story intertwined with the overall theme—that everything at Rhodes is interrelated and all the programs support a common goal."

Lessons from the Job: "I′ve learned how to interact with people as a professional. For interviews, I′ve learned how to prepare, do research, ask good questions and get good information. I′ve had to come out of my shell and get better at talking to people."

Ready? OK! Carrie was a competitive cheerleader for ten years and looks forward to attending a big competition in her hometown every year.


Christina Cooke ’10
English/Creative Writing

Favorite Assignment: "The Virtual Tour because there were no specific requirements, except that it address prospective students. I felt like I could represent the student community, show our view of what Rhodes is really like and even include some tongue-in-cheek humor."

Lessons from the Job: "How to separate myself from my writing and look at it as a job. There will be some projects that I love and pour myself into, and there will be others that I′m not crazy about, but I′ll do them well."

Multi-continental: Christina was born in Jamaica, attended high school in Texas, studied abroad in Great Britain and now lives (when not at Rhodes) in Canada. She plans to live on every continent at least once.


Dean Galaro ’11
Political Science

Favorite Assignment:
"An article for the Sou′wester student newspaper about Rhodes′ reaccreditation process. I summarized the offcial report so it would be understandable for students, because it was an important event that affected us. The assignment was interesting, like doing research, and I got a glimpse at the administrative process."

Lessons from the Job: "All the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. People might think it′s simple, but it′s not! And I′ve learned about different types of writing—for, for the Dean′s Blog. Both are different from a newspaper article. Writing for the Web has to grab attention and get to the point."

The Age-Old Question: Dean prefers cats to dogs. "Not that I don′t like dogs, but I′ve had cats all my life, so I am a cat person."

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