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Rhodes Student Associates

The Rhodes Student Associate Program provides on-campus employment to students with advanced skills who are willing to take on challenging projects and tasks. With more than 80 positions in 40+ different departments, students can explore various fields of interest for post-collegiate employment. Regardless of their department, all student associates gather professional experience and hone leadership skills as contributing members of a productive workplace.

We are only three student associates from three different departments. We are from three different hometowns and have different majors. We are all, however, dedicated to personal advancement and to our respective goals—whether it is coordinating a mock trial tournament, improving the Language Center, or deepening the resources of a historical archive.

Katie Amundson ‘09
Minneapolis, MN

I’m the Rhodes Student Associate (RSA) for Mock Trial. I coordinate the Blues City Challenge, an intercollegiate mock trial tournament hosted by Rhodes. One of the most rewarding parts of this experience is contacting local attorneys and judges to preside over the mock cases. I’m a history and political science double major and plan on going to law school after graduation, and my job has provided me with the opportunity to learn from influential people who are knowledgeable about the law profession. I’ve learned the most, however, from my supervisor, political science professor Marcus Pohlmann. Not only is he the adviser for pre-law students and the President of the American Mock Trial Association, he’s also a great professor, mentor and friend. He’s taken the time to get to know me and cares about my well-being and intellectual and personal development. Working with him as the mock trial RSA has helped me develop the professional skills that I need to be successful not only in law school, but in the future.

Kristin Wheeler ‘09
Jackson, TN

I’m the student-director of the Language Center, so it’s not unusual for my co-workers to speak to me in Spanish, Italian, Russian, or German—I hear them all! The Language Center broadcasts foreign television stations and has a sizable Film Catalogue and computer software to facilitate language learning. My role is to help develop its resources and assist other students in using them. I’m a Spanish minor, so my working as the Language Center RSA has helped me get to know the Spanish professors outside of the classroom setting. The best part of my job, however, is getting to know the other language professors with whom I have not taken a class. Although we speak different languages, my supervisor (Italian professor Hanna Albertson, the director of the Language Center) and I share a common goal: getting more students to use the Center. It’s great that Rhodes allows me to be so involved in providing educational resources and I hope that my time as an RSA in the Language Center has a lasting impact on my department and on me.

Daniel Jacobs ‘09
Decatur, GA

I’m a Rhodes Student Associate for the Crossroads to Freedom project. Crossroads is a digital archive of materials that documents the Civil Rights movement in Memphis. I work with five other RSA’s and Crossroads Fellows to help develop and expand the archives. We have a supervisor, Dr. Suzanne Bonefas, director of special projects in the office of college relations, but we’re still heavily involved in making decisions concerning the archives. We’re also responsible for archiving primary documents that will be included, conducting oral interviews, and uploading these items to the Crossroads website. Personally, I helped interview Fayth Hill Washington, a member of the Hoxie 21, a group of students who integrated the schools in Hoxie, Arkansas. I also interviewed Harmon Wray ’68, a criminal justice reform activist who experienced the Civil Rights movement first hand while attending Rhodes during the Memphis Sanitation Strike. I’m a history major, and hearing their stories helped me realize the power of oral historical narratives. Working with the Crossroads project has also improved my connection with Memphis and its rich history.

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