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Rhodes Radio

College radio stations have long served as essential media outlets for their communities. Rhodes enjoyed its own analog station, WLYX-FM, from 1972 until 1994. Now, seven students have taken charge and revived the spirit of Rhodes Radio – with a little help from the Internet. With passion and determination, they have developed a format where students, professors and administrators can join the dialogue of views and counter-views, all in the pursuit of greater collective understanding.

Jen Gaffney ’09, General Manager
I worked for a radio station in summer ’07, and I learned a lot about what radio stations do and how the community benefits from their influence. When I returned to Rhodes, I realized there was a strong desire among the students to have a station. During the SACK Fair [which showcases student organizations], more than 200 people stopped by our booth and expressed interest, so I knew we were bound to succeed.

Mark Wadley ’10, Chief Engineer
What I love about this station is that anyone can join. It’s so simple for someone to come in, compile a playlist and get a show going. As a result, both students and faculty are really interested in our endeavor because it’s an easily accessible arena for people to broadcast their opinions.

Ryan Milvenan ’09, Programming Director
We’ve received a tremendous response from the community in just the few months we’ve been on air. Thirty shows are already on the schedule and three or four more are currently being approved. At the rate we’re going, there’s no doubt that this station will reclaim the esteem enjoyed by our predecessor, WLYX, during its prime.

Maddie Callis ’10, Public Relations Manager
As the Public Relations Manager, I see the opportunities we have to increase community interaction on campus. Student organizations can advertise their events or professors can announce upcoming lectures, allowing everyone to keep connected to what’s new on campus.

Scott O’Hara ’10, Music Director
What’s great about this station is that it offers students another way to stay in touch with the Memphis community. Rhodes is already really involved in Memphis through service and work opportunities – but with Rhodes Radio, students can now demonstrate their artistic and intellectual qualities to Memphis via the Internet and radio waves.

Brian Rudelson ’08, Business Manager
Two of my greatest passions are music and money. This station presents the perfect junction of the two because I have the opportunity to feed my love for music while sharpening my financial and managerial skills. Although I deal with the logistics of running the station, I have a few ideas for shows. Maybe I’ll do a Mad Money-esque stock show – but minus all the hysterics.

Justin LeBlanc ’09, Webmaster
Jen knows I love music, so when she started recruiting people for the staff, I was one of the first people she approached. Of course, I wasn’t going to say no. Along with managing the web site, I also host two shows that feature music not typically heard on your everyday radio station, allowing me the chance to expose the Rhodes community to music they may not have heard before.

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