Position Papers


A position paper is a document which outlines a country′s position on certain topic. This position typically includes background on the topic as it relates the country, the action or actions that the country proposes to take on that issue, and the expected or desired outcomes from those actions. 

For MSMUN, we ask that you write a position paper of no more than 300 words for each topic that your committee is discussing. This paper(s) are due on January 23rd, 2015. 

****Important: IPC Delegates are not required to write position papers****

You must submit this position paper to msmun@rhodes.edu by 11:59 pm to be considered for a position paper award. When you send MSMUN your position papers, format the subject line of the email with the abbreviation for your committee, your represent country and your last name. Example: ECOSOC: Indonesia, Smith. In the body of the email, please include your full name and the school that you are participating with. Do not forget to attach your position paper! 

MSMUN treats plagiarism as serious academic offense. We define plagiarism as misrepresenting someone else′s work as your own. Although writing a position paper by nature requires representing a country′s position as yours, you must place that position on a topic in your own words. In any case of plagiarism, you will be disqualified from awards, your advisor will be notified, and MSMUN will work with your advisor and school to take an appropriate course of action.


Sample Position Paper