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Mid-South Model United Nations
International Studies Department
Rhodes College
2000 N Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112

Siena Loprinzi
Rhodes Student Associate
International Studies Department
Rhodes College
2000 N Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112
Phone: 406-241-1616




Registration Key Dates:

September 6th: Registration Opens

November 1st: Early Registration Ends

November 6th: Country Assignments for Early Registrations Announced

                    Regular Registration Begins

January 24th: Submission of Delegate Information

                    Registration Ends


Schedule of Fees:

Delegate: $35/per

Delegation: None

Advisor: None

Deposit: $150* (Counts toward total delegate fees)



Payment Schedule:

Deposit: Due at time of registration

Delegate Fees: Due by Monday, February 10th, 2013**

**Please note, we will not premit schools to participate in the conference if delegate fees have not been payed by the start of the conference.


Early Registration:

During early registration, schools that submit the registration application and deposit by October 30th will be put into the Country Matrix lottery. MSMUN designed the country matrix lottery to assign countries to schools in a fair and equitable manner. The Country Matrix Lottery weights a school′s desired countries, the order in which registration was received, and the size of the school.

Regular Registration:

During regular registration, schools will receive country assignments on a rolling basis after the deposit and application have been received. Schools will have to choose from the countries remaining after the Country Matrix Lottery.

Billing and Receipts:

MSMUN provide official invoices and receipts to all schools.



1. Q:What if I know the total number of students that I want to bring, but I do not exactly whom?

    A: MSMUN will invoice you for the total number of delegates you plan on bringing whnever you would like. We will refund you if you pay that invoice, and bring less delegates. However, you must notify us by January 24th of such a change. This is why we suggest waiting as long as possible to confirm total delegate numbers.

2. Q: Is it possible to add additional delegates after I have registered?

    A: Yes. However, you must notify us that you want to add additional delegates by January 24th. After that date, will not accept any chanages to your registration.