Majors, Minors, and Requirements




Requirements for a Major in Russian Studies:

A total of forty (40) credits above Russian 201 as follows:

  1. Russian 202.
  2. Russian 205; and either 212 or Humanities 201. (Russian literature track)
  3. Two courses from Russian 301, 302, 309.
  4. Russian 410, 486.
  5. Russian 300 or 400.
  6. One course from Russian 215, 255, ML280.
  7. One course in Russian history approved by the program coordinator.

Recommended (do not count toward the 41 credits needed for the major): Economics 323 (Classical and Marxian Political Economy) and IS 284 (Russian Successor States.) Majors are encouraged to spend at least one semester studying in Russia.

Requirements for a Minor in Russian Studies:

A total of twenty (20) credits as follows:

  1. Russian 301, 302, and 410.
  2. Two of the following: Russian 205, 212, 215, 255, 300, 400.

Minors are encouraged to spend at least one Maymester in Russia.

Programs Abroad

Rhodes College maintains a close relationship with the Gornyi Institute in St. Petersburg, where the Russian Studies Program’s Maymesters take place (see 209, 309, 256 descriptions). Through affiliation with Bard College, Rhodes students of Russian can study at the Smolny Institute of St. Petersburg for a semester or a year. In addition, students studying Russian can spend a summer, semester, or academic year in Russia through such nationally-recognized programs as the Council for International and Educational Exchange (CIEE) in St. Petersburg or the American Council on the Teaching of Russian (ACTR) in Moscow.