Catherine Sundt | Assistant Professor
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Catherine Sundt is originally from Michigan, and did her doctoral research in Madrid, Spain. Her graduate work focused on 19th-century urban texts, costumbrismo, the construction of the imagined city, and the work of Wenceslao Ayguals de Izco and Antonio Flores. She earned her MA and PhD in Iberian Literatures and Cultures from Ohio State, where she taught language, literature, and composition courses. Her current teaching interests include urban literature, modern Spain, and the intersections between 19th and 21st-century media.

B.A., Spanish, Grand Valley State University (2006)
M.A., Iberian Literatures and Cultures, Ohio State (2008)
Ph.D., Iberian Literatures and Cultures, Ohio State (2012)

Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 303: Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature
Spanish 365: Special Topics

Selected Publications

Sundt, Catherine. "Palacios, Puertas y Plazas: The Construction of Urban Spaces in the Popular Press (1833-1868)." Hispanófila, 2014. (Accepted for forthcoming issue.)

Sundt, Catherine. "Reciprocal Development of the Lived City and the Popular Press (1833-1868)." Decimonónica, 2014. (Accepted for forthcoming issue.)

Sundt, Catherine. "Resisting and Reimagining: Flores, Ayguals, and 19th-Century Technological Innovation." Hipertexto 18 (2013): 70-80.

Sundt, Catherine. "Religion and Power: The Appropriation of Da Vinci′s The Last Supper in Viridiana and L′ultima cena." Romance Notes 49:1 (2009):71-79.

Stillerman, Joel and Catherine Sundt. "Embeddedness and Business Strategies among Santiago, Chile′s Farmers and Flea Market Vendors." Street Entrepreneurs: People, Place, & Politics in Local and Global Perspective. Ed. Alfonso Morales and John Cross. New York: Routledge, 2007. 180-200.

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