Katheryn Wright | Associate Professor, Chair
Office: 119B Palmer Hall | Phone: (901) 843-3570 | Email: kwright@rhodes.edu


I am associate professor of French with a long-standing interest in teaching and in African and francophone literary and cultural studies. My appreciation for and enjoyment of other cultures and languages began at the age of 8 when I lived and went to school in Ibadan, Nigeria. I am currently involved in a research project focused on the Cameroonian playwright, novelist, singer, filmmaker and cultural animatrice, Werewere Liking. In this work, I explore how Liking’s aesthetic practices challenge received ideas and subvert dominant paradigms, and as such, call forth other interpretations and other “truths” about humanity’s potential. At present, I am serving as Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

Professor Wright′s CV (PDF)


Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington, French Literature
M.A. University of Florida, Gainesville, French Literature
B.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, French


French 101-102  Elementary French
French 154  African Literatures in Translation
French 201  Intermediate French
French 202  French Connections
French 324  Survey of Post-Revolutionary French Literature
French 335  Readings in French Fiction
French 336  Contemporary French Literature
French 354  African Literatures of French Expression
French 485  Senior Paper
French 486  Senior Review

Selected Publications

“Extending Generic Boundaries: Werewere Liking′s L′Amour-cent-vies.” Research in African Literatures 33.2 (2002): 46-60.

“Werewere Liking: From Chaos to Cosmos.” World Literature Today 69.1 (1995): 56-62.

“Patrick Modiano.” The Contemporary Novel in France. Ed. William Thompson. Gainesville: U. of Florida Press, 1995. 264-278.

“Satire and Censorship in Tchicaya u Tam′Si′s Le Destin glorieux du Maréchal Nnikon Nniku Prince qu′on sort. Ufahamu. ” 19.3 (1992): 80-95.