Majors, Minors & Requirements


The F10 Degree Requirement. The degree requirement in languages may be met by the successful completion of any appropriate four-hour course numbered 201 or higher or by demonstrating proficiency through placement into a language course at a level above 201 and approval by the appropriate language faculty. Students who take 201 (or higher) or the equivalent at another institution can earn transfer credit, but must still demonstrate proficiency (see above) in the specific language before the degree requirement is satisfied. This pertains to languages that that are taught at Rhodes. Students who can demonstrate native or near-native proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in a language other than English may petition the department of Modern Languages and Literatures to waive the F10 requirement.

All students who plan to fulfill Rhodes’ foreign language degree requirement in a language they have previously studied for two years or more in high school must take a placement test in that language. For French, German, Russian, and Spanish, scores on an online test will be used to place students in the course most appropriate for them at Rhodes. For students in Chinese, a placement test is administered on campus during first-year orientation in August. Students with fewer than two years in a language may enter that language at the 101 level. Any student who scores at the 202 level or higher will need to consult with the department to see if he or she fulfills Rhodes’ foreign language requirement. Students wishing to fulfill the foreign language requirement in a language not previously studied should sign up for a course numbered 101 in that language. However, a student may not take a course numbered 101 in any language for academic credit if two or more years of that language were completed in high school.

In the modern languages, placement tests typically cover reading, writing, listening comprehension, and culture. Literature or culture courses given in translation do not satisfy the foreign language degree requirement.


The department offers majors in French, German, Russian Studies and Spanish. The major is designed to provide depth in one language, including its literatures and civilization. Requirements are listed under the appropriate language heading.