Forming a Study Group


The Math Support Center offers students in Math 121 and Math 111 the opportunity to be member of a mentored study group. Students who benefit most from study groups are those who

  • enjoy working with friend;
  • enjoy seeing how other people solve problems;
  • enjoy sharing their methods for solving problems;
  • learn a topic better if they talk about it; or 
  • to feel that “We′re all in this together” feeling.

What should you do to form a study group?

At the start of the semester, before the deadline given in your course syllabus

Get together with three to six people who are taking the same course as you, and who all want to work together for the whole semester.

Check that everyone is willing to attend a 30-minute to 60-minute group meeting every week. Have one person email Professor R. Dunwell with the names, email addresses and course section (the section number, or a list the lecture times) of everyone in the group.

Then what happens?

  • Professor Dunwell will reply to you with the name of your group′s mentor.
  • You will be asked to communicate, as a group, with your mentor to schedule the time for your weekly meetings.
  • The fun begins.


  1. It may be necessary to join smaller groups together, but this will happen only if it is absolutely necessary. No group will be larger than six students.
  2. In the unlikely event of you missing three group meetings you will be asked to leave the group.