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Alumni News

Dear Alumnus/a,

Greetings from the Alumni Relations Office

This issue of Rhodes magazine features several alumni who are doing amazing things in their careers and students who are providing leadership in recruiting new students to enroll. As you learn more about these members of the Rhodes family, one theme that comes through is that members of the college faculty and staff as well as alumni are serving to mentor fellow community members.

Katie Jacobs Stanton ’91 recalls the guidance of Professor Mike Kirby. Johnny Moore ’88 speaks of the influence that Coach Mike Clary ’77 and Professor Sue Legge had upon him. Charles Agee ’99 extends gratitude to Bill Michaelcheck ’69 for his willingness to help him as a young alumnus. In the “And Then What?” article, Christina Cooke ’10 makes it evident that our faculty members work closely with students to guide them in making plans for advanced study.

I don’t think anyone is ever too old to have a mentor. In my case, Billy McLean ’57 was of enormous support as I made the transition from student affairs dean at state universities to alumni secretary at Rhodes. He still is.

Nor is anyone too young to be a mentor. I see our sophomore students teaching newcomers the ropes every August.

We have an opportunity before us to facilitate mentoring among those who are able to share and those who can benefit from the guidance. A powerful electronic tool was deployed in January to connect members of the Rhodes family. It may be used by students seeking contact with alumni in fields they wish to enter. It is also available for alumni to connect with other alumni. Learn more about the Mentor Network on the Rhodes Web site, found on the Career Services home page. Please join.

Quite likely, our most remarkable resource in fully realizing the Rhodes Vision is our community. Please continue the good work of helping recruit new students, supporting student learning, assisting other community members in their careers and providing financial support to the extent you are able. To these items, which you are already doing so well, I ask that you add “mentor another” to your list.

Best regards,

Bud Richey
Associate Vice President and
Director of Alumni Relations