Chigozie Emelue′s ’15 service opportunities in the community as a participant in the Bonner Scholar Program enrich his experiences in the classroom--and vice versa. »

Alexa Cline ’14 is elected as President of the Social Regulations Council. »

Rallying Rhodes students around sporting events provides Demitri Jerow ′14 a chance to bolster togetherness. »

James Ekenstedt ’15 applies his passions for urban issues as the co-director and co-founder of the Memphis street newspaper The Bridge. »

Oliver Lynn Haynes IV ’13 writes and publishes The Searing Veil during his academic career at Rhodes. »

Mary Catherine Reeves ’13 epitomizes the way in which Rhodes is a student-run campus. »

Join Theodore Nollert ’16 for a new video series featuring our fabulous faculty. »