When thinking about the "price" of college, it’s important to note that no student pays the full cost of a Rhodes education.

The amount the college incurs to educate a student is about $50,700, yet the tuition rate is $34,270. In fact, when you look at the median institutional grant, fellowship, and scholarship aid awarded to students—$13,500—the median net price paid by students and families decreases to $20,770.

How can this be? Income generated by Rhodes′ endowment and gifts received from alumni, friends of the college, and foundations supplement the net tuition, fees, room, and board charges paid by families to make up the difference.

2011-2012 fees:

    Semester Year
Tuition   $18,077 $36,154
Activity Fee   $155 $310
Room & Board      
Room Type Meals Per Week    
Standard Multiple 15 $4,321 $8,642
Standard Single 15 $4,601 $9,202
Standard Multiple 21 $4,488 $8,976
Standard Single 21 $4,768 $9,536
East Village Multiple 7 $4,710 $9,420
East Village Single 7 $4,949 $9,898
East Village Multiple 15 $5,169 $10,338
East Village Single 15 $5,408 $10,816
East Village Multiple 21 $5,331 $10,662
East Village Single 21 $5,570 $11,140
Commuter 5 $607 $1,214
Commuter 7 $839 $1,678
Commuter 15 $1,591 $3,182
Commuter 21 $2,026 $4,052

The regular college plan provides for payment of tuition, room and board in two installments. The payment for the Fall Semester is due August 9th, and the payment for the Spring Semester is due November 22nd. Students are billed less deposits already made.

If monthly payments are preferred by parents and/or guardians, Rhodes allows such payments through one agency: Key Education Resources (1-800-KEY-LEND). Information on the various plans offered by Key will be mailed to all parents well before the first payment is due. If a monthly plan is chosen, arrangements should be made prior to the date the first payment is due. The College has made arrangements with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. to offer a tuition refund plan to Rhodes parents that will provide a refund in case of illness or accident causing the student to withdraw before the semester is completed. Information concerning the tuition refund plan will be mailed along with the first tuition bill in July that details the protection provided and cost of this coverage.