Does Rhodes superscore the SAT/ACT?

During the selection process, Rhodes uses the test scores that are most beneficial to you.  That being the case, we superscore the SAT, which means that we take your highest Critical Reading score and your highest Math score, regardless of test date, and make our own composite.  Rhodes does not superscore the ACT but rather takes the highest composite ACT score from one test date.

Does Rhodes participate in the new SAT Score Choice program?

Rhodes has chosen to participate in the College Board′s Score Choice program.  This program provides you the opportunity to send only the SAT scores you choose.  Score Choice is optional and if you choose not to use it, all scores will be sent to Rhodes.  Each college has their own Score Choice policy; read more about it on the College Board website. 

Because Rhodes will superscore your SAT by taking your highest Critical Reading and Math scores, you are advised to specify that we receive the results of each SAT administration representing your highest score for each section of the test.

Does Rhodes require the writing section of the SAT and/or the ACT?

While the writing section of the SAT is taken by all students, we do not require that you take the optional ACT writing section. We do not use the writing subscore from either test in the application review process. We believe that we can obtain an accurate view of your capabilities based on your essay and your academic performance in your high school curriculum.

Do I need to submit the SAT Subject Tests?

Rhodes does not require the submission of SAT Subject Tests, except for home schooled students who must submit the results of two SAT Subject Tests other than English and mathematics.