Information by Geographical Area - Europe


General Information
CentralEurope Online
"Daily news plus political and economic analysis, courtesy of the European Information Network. With a heavy slant toward business readers, articles provide an insider′s perspective." Webcrawler
Central and East European Legal, Political, Business and Economics WWW Resources / Gonzaga
Center for European Studies / UNC
CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service / European Union Research, Development, and Innovation
Council of European Social Science Data Archives / Integrated Data Catalogue
Current European Headlines / Yahoo
An interactive service of DGXIII of the European Commission serving you with latest EU information on the European markets for multimedia content and electronic information services.
"European information aimed at a general readership, in the form of short, concrete texts, ready for publication."
Europe Links / Yahoo
European Centre for Development Policy Management
Contains information on ECDPM institution buildin g activities in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific as well as work on European development cooperation. Includes lists of staff and publication (many available full-text or through ftp).
European Governments on the WWW
European Law / Internet Law Library
European Studies / Yahoo
European Union Links / Yahoo
European Union Gateway
Amsterdam - A New Treaty for Europe / European Union, 6/16-17/1997.
Background Briefings / European Commission
"Background Briefings have been designed to explain important aspects of the European Union and its policies. Many of these short summaries contain links to more detailed texts, other websites or other sources of information."
Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly - political interparliamentary body.
Court of Justice of the European Communities
Council of the European Union
ECLAS is a bibliographic data base consisting of ca. 200 000 completed catalogue records in the domain of European affairs; about 7 000 new records are added annually. About 20 DGs manage and catalogue their departmental collections in ECLAS.
ERPA: European Research Papers Archive / Working Papers - European Integration
Euro Homepage / Yale
"Created and maintained by Giancarlo Corsetti, Assistant Professor of Economics at Yale University, this page contains a veritable host of frequently updated links to information and resources on European monetary policy and the European Monetary Union (EMU)." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.
EuroInternet - comprehensive list of WWW pointers with regard to sources and information on European Union affairs.
European Integration Online Papers / ECSA Austria
European Union Internet Resources / UC Berkeley
European Union Official Internet Sites
European Union Law [Click on Documents]
EU Parliament Legislative Observatory Database
European Parliament Fact Sheets
European Union Law & Government
Guide to Researching the Council of Europe / LLRX
History of the European Union
Jean Monnet Chair Working Papers [ European Integration] / Harvard
Recent Case-Law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
Researching the European Union
"...European Union′s official and comprehensive guide for scholars and researchers studying its institutions." IFrom The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.
This Week in Europe / European Commission
"...weekly summary of political, social, and economic developments in the European Union." Scout Report, 4/4/99.
European Union Agenda 2000
"[European] Commission opinions on applicants for enlargement of the Union and an executive summary of the applicant opinoins. The two volume Agenda 2000 program (459k combined) as well as press notes on both issues are also available." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.
Statistical Office of the European Communities. A large Acrobat format document consists of European statistics on all sorts of subjects from the environment to housing, trade, etc.
Political Resources for the European Union
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Language Futures Europe / Multilingualism, EU Policy, etc.
Laws of Other Nations / Lectlaw
Treaties & International Law / Lectlaw
Local Government in Europe
OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
European Poltical Resources
Political Parties & Youth Organizations in Europe
Trends in Europe and North America / Statistical Profiles / UN Econ. Commission for Europe
West European Study Guide - University of Pittsburg Library
Western European Union
European Union Institute for Security Studies

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Country Specific Websites
Albania / Yahoo
Albanian Times - News About Albania on the Web
Albanian Internet Resources / SSEES
Albania Political Resources
Albanian Home Page
Albania - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
CIA World Factbook - Albania
Elections in Albania
Albania Links / REENIC
Governments on the WWW: Albania
Internet Law Library - Albania
Parliament - Albania [in English]
Office of the President of Albania
"The State of Albania" [pdf]
The State of Albania summarizes the current political, social, and economic conditions in Albania. This is an International Crisis Group (ICG) report. (1999)
Andorra / Yahoo
Andorra Constitution / Laws
Andorran Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Andorra
Elections in Andora
Govern d′Andorra
Governments on the WWW: Andorra
Consell General (Parliament)- Andorra
Armenian Studies / Yahoo
Armenia Political Resources
Armenia Resources / Eurasianet
Armenian Revolutionary Foundation - Socialist Party
CIA World Factbook - Armenia
Elections in Armenia
Government of Armenia
Governments on the WWW: Armenia
Internet Law Library - Armenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Armenia
President of the Republic of Armenia
Austria / Yahoo
Austrian Federal Financing Agency Home Page
Austrian Federal President
Austrian Parliament
Austrian Political Resources
Austria Press and Information Service, Washington D.C.
CIA World Factbook - Austria
Constitution & Other Selected Laws - Austria
Elections in Austria
Embassy of Austria to London
Federal Ministry for National Defense
Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Governments on the WWW: Austria
Republic of Austria Homepage
Belarus / Yahoo - Belarus
Belarus Internet Resources / SSEES
Belarus Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Belarus
Council of Ministers
- Belarus
Elections in Belarus
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Belarus
Internet Law Library - Belarus
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Belarus
Ministry of Statistics and Analysis - Belarus
President of Belarus
Belarus Parliament (no English)
Soviet Respubliki (no English)
U.S. Embassy in Belarus
Belgian Armed Forces - Official Pages
Belgium Political Resources
Belgian Federal Government Online
Belgian Senate
CIA World Factbook - Belgium
Constitution / Laws - Belgium
Elections in Belgium
Embassy of Belgium / Washington D.C.
Federal Parliament of Belgium
Governments on the WWW: Belgium
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Cooperation - Belgium
Prime Minister of Belgium
Bosnia Herzegovina / Yahoo
Bosnia Internet Resources / SSEES
Bosnia Link - U.S. Pentagon
Bosnia Herzegovina Political Resources
Bosnia and Herzegovina Links / REENIC
Bosnian Conflict Links / Yahoo
Bosnia War Crimes Tribunal
CIA World Factbook - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Embassy of Bosnia Herzegovina / Washington D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Internet Law Library: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Bosnia & Herzegovina [no English]
Office of the High Representative
" The mandate of the High Representative is to oversee the civilian implementation of the Bosnian Peace Agreement, initialled in Dayton on 21 November 1995 and signed in Paris on 14 December. The High Representative is the final authority regarding interpretation of the Agreement on civilian implementation."
U.S. Policy on Bosnia / State Dept.
UN Mission in Bosnia Herzegovina
War Crimes Tribunal Watch / Former Yugoslavia
Bulgaria / Yahoo
Bulgaria Constitution / Laws
Bulgaria Internet Resources / SSEES
Bulgaria Political Resources
Bulgarian Government [English]
CIA World Factbook - Bulgaria
The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria (no English)
Elections in Bulgaria
Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria / Washington DC.
Governments on the WWW: Bulgaria
Ministry of Defence [no English] - Bulgarian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [English available] - Bulgaria
National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria [no English]
National Statistical Institute - Bulgaria
President of the Republic of Bulgaria
Parliament of Bulgaria [English available]
Buryatia / Yahoo
Chechnya / Yahoo
Croatia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Croatia
Croatia Political Resources
Croatia Constitution / Laws
Croatia Internet Resources / SSEES
Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Elections in Croatia
Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, Washington D.C.
Government of the Republic of Croatia
Governments on the WWW: Croatia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Croatia
Parliament - Croatia
President of Croatia Web Page
Republic of Croatia Web Page
Cyprus / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Cyprus
Constitution / Laws - Cyprus
Constitution / Cyprus
Cyprus Home Page
Cyprus Government - Official Site
Cyprus Political Resources
Elections in Cyprus
Embassy of the United States in Nicosia
EU: Delegation of the European Commission to Cyprus in Nicosia
Governments on the WWW: Cyprus (Republic)
Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service
Office of the Chief Cyprus - European Union Negotiator
Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the UN
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - Political Resources
Czech Republic / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Czech Republic
Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
Czech Parliament - Chamber of Deputies
Czech Parliament - Senat
Czech Republic Official Server
Czech Republic Constitution / Laws
Czech Today / Central Europe Online
Czech Republic Government Links
Czech Republic Internet Resources / SSEES
Czech Republic Political Resources
Czech Republic
Czech Information Center
Elections in Czech Republic
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Czech Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the President - Czech Republic
Vaclav Havel - Selected Speeches and Writings, 1990-1998
Denmark / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Denmark
Constitution / Laws - Denmark
Denmark Political Resources
Elections in Denmark
Folketinget - The Danish Parliament [available in English]
Governments on the WWW: Denmark
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Denmark
Office of the Prime Minister - Denmark
Royal Danish Embassy, U.S.
Estonia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Estonia
Elections in Estonia
Estonia Constitution / Laws
Estonian Laws / Inst. of Baltic Studies (no english)
Estonian Political Resources
ESTONICA: Encyclopedia about Estonia
Estonia Embassy, London
Embassy of Estonia, Washington D.C.
Estonia Internet Resources / SSEES
Government of the Republic of Estonia - official information.
Governments on the WWW: Estonia
Ministery of Foreign Affairs - Estonia
Includes news reviews, info sheets, investment information.
Office of the President of Estonia - Information on President Lennart Meri and his Office, regular updates on the activities of the office, past speeches and press releases, etc.
Parliament of Estonia
Regional Bureau of Statistics of Central Estonia
Statistical Office of Estonia
Supreme Court of Estonia
Finland / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Finland
Constitution / Laws - Finland
Eduskunta - Parliament [English]
Elections in Finland
Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C.
Finland Political Resources
Finnish Defense Forces
Government Website - Finland
Governments on the WWW: Finland
Ministry of Defense - Finland [English available]
Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Finland
Office of the Prime Minister - Finland
Statistics Finland
Virtual Finland
Find daily news, press summaries, documents, statistics, features, audio material, and pictures....
France / Yahoo
AdminFrance: Directory of French Government Internet Services
Assemblee National
CIA World Factbook - France
Constitution / Laws - France
Elections in France
Embassy of France to the U.S.
France Political Resources
French Resources on the Web / HAPAX
The French Senate
Governments on the WWW: France
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - France
Ministere De La Defense - France
Presidence de la Republique
Prime Minister Website
Tocqueville Connection
French news and analyses in foreign policy, defense, business, industry, and finance.
Germany / Yahoo
AUB-the Independents Die Unabhaengigen
Buendnis′90/Die Gruenen, Deutschland Green Party
Bundesgerichtshof - Federal Supreme Court - Germany [in German]
CIA World Factbook - Germany
Concrete Curtain: the Life and Death of the Berlin Wall
Constitution / Laws - Germany
Deutscher Bundestag - German Parliament
Elections in Germany
Embassy of Germany / Washington D.C.
Federal Armed Forces - Bundeswehr
Foreign Office - Germany
Fraktion der SPD in Deutschen Bundestag
Freistaat Sachsen
German Federal Government - Die Bundesregierung im Internet
German Virtual Law Library [in German]
German Law Archive
The German Law Archive publishes cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English language.
German Law Archive / Oxford
"This site is dedicated to publishing cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English language."
Germany Political Resources
German Resources / WWW Virtual Library
German Federal Government
Governments on the WWW: Germany
President of the Federal Republic of Germany
Wissenschaft plus Politik
National German organization of the Left, green, and peace-related scientists.
Gibralter / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Gilbralter
Documents & Laws - Gibralter
Gibralter Political Resources
Governments on the WWW: Gibraltar
Greece / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Greece
Constitution / Laws - Greece
Elections in Greece
Embassy of Greece in the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Greece
Greece Political Resources
Hellenic Parliament [available in English]
Hellanic Resources Network
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Greece
Ministry of National Defence - Greece
W. Thracian Turkish Minority WWW Pages
Hungary / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Hungary
Embassy of Hungary / Washington D.C.
Elections in Hungary
Embassy of Hungary / Canada
Governments on the WWW: Hungary
Hungarian Internet Resources / SSEES
Hungarian Political Resources
Hungarian National Assembly
Hungarian Central Statistics Office
Hungary Constitution / Laws
Hungary Today / Central Europe Online
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Hungary
Ministry of Defence News - Hungary
Office of the President - Hungary
Iceland / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Iceland
Elections in Iceland
Embassy of Iceland to the U.S.
Government of Iceland [English available]
Governments on the WWW: Iceland
Iceland Political Resources
Internet Law Library - Iceland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Iceland
Parliament [English available]
Statistics Iceland
Ireland / Yahoo
CAIN: Conflict Archive on the Internet
"This two year project aims to develop, using Northern Ireland as a case study, a collaborative multi-media database of resources relevant to teaching and research in conflict studies. The server will act as a gateway to network resources on ethnic conflict on the Internet and provide a platform for mounting resources specific to the Northern Ireland conflict held within the partner institutions and elsewhere throughout the province and beyond."
Central Statistics Office - Ireland
CIA World Factbook - Ireland
Constitution / Laws - Ireland
Current UK / Northern Ireland Headlines / Yahoo
Department of Defence - Ireland
Department of Foreign Affairs - Ireland
Elections in Ireland
Embassy of Ireland to the U.S.
Government of Ireland Website
Governments on the WWW: Ireland
Ireland Political Resources
Irish Central Statistics Office
Irish Defence Forces
Irish Labour Party Web Site
Irish Law
Irish Politics Links
Parliament of Ireland
Italy / Yahoo
Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei Deputati)
CIA World Factbook - Italy
Constitution / Laws - Italy
Elections in Italy
Embassy of Italy, Washington D.C.
European Counter Network
A central source of information about the activities and discussions occurring amongst the various strands of Italy′s self-organized left.
Governments on the WWW: Italy
Italy Political Resources
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Italy
Political Partiea (Italy) / Yahoo
Prime Minister [in Italian]
Senato - Italy
Komi / Yahoo
Latvia / Yahoo
Cabinet of Ministers - Latvia
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
CIA World Factbook - Latvia
Elections in Latvia
Embassy of Latvia / Washington D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Latvia
Latvia Internet Resources / SSEES
Latvia Political Resources
Latvia Constitution / Laws
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Latvia
President, Republic of Latvia
Saeima - Parliament [English available]
Welcome to Latvia!
Liechtenstein /Yahoo
Elections in Liechtenstein
Governments on the WWW: Liechtenstein
Internet Law Library - Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein Political Resources
Lithuania / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Lithuania
Elections in Lithuania
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the U.S.
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, UK
Governments on the WWW: Lithuania
Lithuania - Home Pages including Government links
Lithuania Constitution / Laws
Lithuania Internet Resources / SSEES
Lithuania Political Resources
Lithuanian Department of Statistics
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Lithuania
Ministry of National Defence - Lithuania
Parliament of Lithuania
President of Lithuania
Luxembourg / Yahoo
Chamber of Deputies - Chambre des députés du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg
CIA World Factbook - Luxembourg
Constitution / Laws - Luxembourg
Elections in Luxembourg
Gouvernement du Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Governments on the WWW: Luxembourg
Luxembourg Political Resources
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Macedonia
Elections in Macedonia
Embassy of Macedonia in Ottawa
Government of the Republic of Macedonia
Governments on the WWW: Macedonia
Macedonia Constitution / Laws
Macedonian Information Agency
Macedonia Internet Resources / SSEES
Macedonia Political Resources
Macedonia-Ministry of Defense
Secretariat of Information - Macedonia
Malta / Yahoo
Central Office of Statistics - Malta
CIA World Factbook - Malta
Elections in Malta
Governments on the WWW: Malta
House of Representatives - Malta
Internet Law Library - Malta
Malta Government - Official Website
Malta Political Resources
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Malta
National Statistics Office - Malta
Office of the Prime Minister - Malta
United Nations: Permanent Mission of Malta in Geneva
Moldova / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Moldova
Elections in Moldova
Embassy of Moldova / Washington D.C.
Moldova Constitution / Laws
Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova
Governments on the WWW: Moldova
Moldova Mission to the U.N.
Moldova Political Resources
Parliament of Moldova
Republic of Moldova Official Page
Monaco / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Monaco
Elections in Monaco
Governments on the WWW: Monaco
Internet Law Library - Monaco
Monaco Political Resources
Official Monaco Government Website
The Netherlands / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Nethlands
Constitution / Laws - Netherlands
Elections in the Netherlands
Embassy of the Netherlands in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Justice - Netherlands
Ministry of Defence - Netherlands
Netherlands Mission to the UN
Netherlands Political Resources
Parliament - Netherlands
Royal Netherlands Embassy / Washington D.C.
Statistics Netherlands
Norway / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Norway
Constitution / Laws - Norway
Elections in Norway
Embassy of Norway to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Norway
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Norway
Norway Political Resources
ODIN - Official Documentation and Information from Norway
ODIN is the central web-server for the Norwegian Government, the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries.
Parliament [Stortinget]- English pages
Poland / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Poland
Poland on the Internet
Elections in Poland
Embassy of Poland in the UK
Embassy of Poland - U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Poland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Poland
Parliament [ Sejm] - Poland
Poland Constitution / Laws
Polish Constitutions [1791; 1921; 1935; 1947; 1952; 1992 amendments; and 1993, 1994, and 1996 drafts (all in Polish, except for 1791]
Poland Internet Resources / SSEES
Poland Political Resources
Poland Today / Central Europe Online
President of the Republic of Poland
Prime Minister of Poland
Senate Web Page - Poland
Supreme Court of Poland
Portugal / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Portugal
Constitution / Laws - Portugal
Contemporary Portuguese History Resource Center / Dundee, UK
Elections in Portugal
Embassy of Portugal to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Portugal
Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros (Foreign Affairs) - Portugal
Partido Socialista - Portugal
Portugal Political Resources
Presidencia da Republica Portuguesa [available in English]
Romania / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Romania
Chamber of Deputies - Romania
Elections in Romania
Embassy of Romania / U.S.
Embassy of the U.S. to Romania
Government of Romania Web Server
Governments on the WWW: Romania
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Romania
Ministry of National Defence
Romania Constitution / Laws
RomaniaInternet Resources / SSEES
Romania Political Resources
Romanian Government Room
Romanian Presidency
Romania Today / Central Europe Online
Senat - Romania
Russian Federation / Yahoo
1918 Constitution
1936 Constitution
1977 Constitution
1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation
Archives in Russia
Autonomous Republics Links / Yahoo
Chechnya Links / Yahoo
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Chechnya Republic / Political Resources on the Net
Chechen Index (includes link to Constitution)
Center for Russian Studies / Norway
CIA World Factbook
Council of Federation - Russia
Crisis in the North Caucasus - CDI′s North Caucasus News Tracker
Duma - Parliament [in Russian]
Elections in Russia
Embassy of the Russian Federation to the U.S.
Embassy of the Russian Federation to the UK
Embassy of the United States to Russia
Government of the Russian Federation [Russian]
Governments on the WWW: Russian Federation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Russia [in Russian & English]
Red Files / PBS - Companion site to PBS documentary series.
Russian Economy - Full text book by Bernstam and Rabushka [Hoover Inst.]
Russian Federation Embassy Locator
Russian Federation Administrative Bodies [mostly in Russian]
Russian Federation Constitution / Laws
Russian Federation Political Resources
"The Rise and Fall of START II: The Russian View" a working paper by Alexander Pikayev
Russian Intelligence Agencies / Federation of American Scientists
Russia on the Net
Russia Online
Russian Internet Resources / SSEES
Russia on the Web - Russian Resources
Russian Republics Links / Yahoo
Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Mari El ,Tatarstan ,Tuva, Udmurtia
Russian Studies / Bucknell
Social Political State Library
Soviet Archive Exhibit
"The SOVIET ARCHIVE EXHIBIT is the first public display of the hitherto highly secret internal record of Soviet Communist rule. The willingness of the new Russian Archival Committee under Pikhoia to cooperate in preparing this exhibit with the Library of Congress dramatizes the break that a newly democratic Russia is attempting to make with the entire Soviet past. This exhibit illustrates both the domestic and the foreign policy of Soviet rule."
Supreme Court of Russian Federation
San Marino Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - San Marino
Elections in San Marino
Governments on the WWW: San Marino
Internet Law Library - San Marino
Serbia and Montenegro / Yahoo
Official Government Website
Archives of Servia and Montenegro
United States: Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro in Washington, D.C.
United Kingdom: Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro in London
Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Serbia & Montenegro
CIA World Factbook - Serbia & Montenegro
Economic Reconstruction and Development in South East Europe
"This new site from the World Bank and European Commission addresses the difficult task of rebuilding Kosovo and the neighboring countries affected by the crisis." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999. http://scout/cs/
Elections in Serbia & Montenegro
Governments on the WWW: Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)
International Court Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia / UN
Includes: The ICTY at a Glance (Mandate and structure; list of indictments and indictees; list of detainees); Latest Documents and News; Basic Legal Documents (Statute, Rules and Procedure of Evidence, Rules of Dentention, etc.,); Press Release and Press Statements; Bulletin; Tribunal Cases;Tribunal Publications; Links to Dayton Peace Agreement; Search engine.
Internet Resources on Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)
Kosovo / Yahoo
Republic of Kosovo
Kosovo Political Resources
Erasing History: Ethnic Cleansing in Kosova / US Dept. of State
BBC News Special Report: Kosovo Conflict (1998)
ABC News: A Beginner′s Guide to the Balkans
Kosovo: Focus on Human Rights / HRW
Kosovo Mission / OSCE
Serbian Unity Congress
Serbian Renewal Movement
Yugoslavia Constitution, Documents, Laws
Slovakia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Slovakia
Elections in Slovakia
Governments on the WWW: Slovakia
Guide to the Slovak Republic /
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Slovakia [English available]
National Council - Slovakia
President of the Slovak Republic [no English]
Slovakia Government
Slovak Republic Constitution / Laws
Slovak Republic Internet Resources on Slovakia / SSEES
Slovak Republic Political Resources
Slovakia Information /
Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington, D.C.
Slovakia Today/ Central Europe Online
Slovenia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Slovenia
Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Elections in Slovenia
Embassy of Slovenia in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Slovenia
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Finance - Slovenia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Slovenia
National Assembly of Slovenia
New Documents / Government Server
Official Gazette / English Summary
"Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list Republike Slovenije) is the official publication where state laws, acts and other regulations are published, as well as regulations and other acts of local communities if it is so declared by theit statutes or by the law."
Official Government Server Search Facility -Slovenia
Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the U.N.
President of the Republic of Slovenia
Prime Minister - Slovenia
Republic of Slovenia
Slovenia Constitution / Laws
Slovenia - Office for European Affairs
Slovenia Internet Sources on Slovenia / SSEES
Slovenia Political Resources
Slovenia Statistical Office
Slovenian State Institutions on the Web
Slovenia Today / Central Europe Online
Spain / Yahoo
Basque Independence Links / Yahoo
Boletin Oficial Del Estado - Spanish legislation
CIA World Factbook - Spain
Congreso de Los Diutados
Constitution / Laws - Spain
El Senado de Espana
Elections in Spain
Embassy of Spain to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Spain
Information from the Embassy of Spain in Canada
Ministry of Defence [in Spanish]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [in Spanish]
Spain Political Resources
Spanish Government Directory
Sweden / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Sweden
Constitution / Laws - Sweden
Elections in Sweden
Embassy of Sweden - Washington D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Sweden
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sweden
Riksdag - Swedish Parliament [in English]
Swedish Armed Forces [ in English]
Swedish Information Service
Sweden Political Resources
Swedish Government Server
Gateway to Sweden
Switzerland / Yahoo
Bilateral Swiss-EU Negotiations
CIA World Factbook - Switzerland
Constitution / Laws
Confoederatio Helvetica / Swiss Confederation Federal Authorities
Elections in Switzerland
Embassy of Switzerland, Washington D.C.
Federal Chancellery - Switzerland
Governments on the WWW: Switzerland
Register of Helvetic Adminstration & Public Services Online
Swiss Federal Council
Swiss Armed Forces
Swiss Banks and World War II / Yahoo
Swiss Diplomatic Documents - Swiss Federal Archives
Public access to documents on Swiss foreign policy and international relations.
Swiss Federal Archives
Swiss Federal Supreme Court
Swiss Legal Resources
Swiss Parliament
Switzerland Political Resouces
Turkey Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Turkey
Directorate General of Press and Information
Elections in Turkey
Embassy of Turkey in Washington D.C.
Eurasia Research Center Homepage
Links to news and sources of information on the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Afhanistan and Pakistan.
Governments on the WWW: Turkey
Internet Law Library - Turkey
Kurdish Issues - News / Yahoo
Kurdistan Political Resources
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Turkey
State Planning Organization / Prime Ministry
Turkish Congress / [some pages in English]
Turkish Embassy to the U.S.
Turkish Grand National Assembly [in Turkish]
Ukraine / Yahoo
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Chernobyl (3/2001) / World Nuclear Assn.
Chernobyl Info / UN
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster / UK
Chernobyl Database
General bibliographic citations, a special section on hot particles and a country by country summary of Chernobyl fallout data
Chernobyl: Assessment of Radiological and Health Impacts
CIA World Factbook - Ukraine
Consulate General of Ukraine in New York
Elections in Ukraine
Embassy of Ukraine to the U.S.
Embassy of the U.S. to Ukraine
Governments on the WWW: Ukraine
International Court Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia / UN
Includes: The ICTY at a Glance (Mandate and structure; list of indictments and indictees; list of detainees); Latest Documents and News; Basic Legal Documents (Statute, Rules and Procedure of Evidence, Rules of Dentention, etc.,); Press Release and Press Statements; Bulletin; Tribunal Cases;Tribunal Publications; Links to Dayton Peace Agreement; Search engine.
Internet Resources on Ukraine / SSEES
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ukraine [English available]
National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine [no English]
Parliament of Ukraine [no English]
Ukraine Constitution / Laws
Ukraine Political Resources
United Kingdom / Yahoo
British and Irish Legal Information Institute / BAILII
The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) provides free internet access to British and Irish legal materials.  As at 21 April 2000, BAILII includes 15 databases covering 5 jurisdictions. The system contains around one gigabyte of legal materials and over 100, 000 searchable documents with about 2 million hypertext links. With the exception of UK and Scottish legislation (which are coming shortly) BAILII includes all all freely available UK and Irish data which is available on the Web as well as much data which is not otherwise available.
Budgets -HM Treasury
British Legal History - Selected Links on the Web [London Guildhall University ]
British Monarchy / Official Site
British Official Publications Current Awareness Service: BOPCAS
CCTA Government Information Server/UK
Centre for Policy Studies / Independent Center Right Think Tank
CIA World Factbook - United Kingdom
Constitution / Laws - United KingdomGovernments on the WWW: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
   Lawlinks: Legal Information on the Internet
   Law (UK) Online / U of Leeds
Elections in United Kingdom
Embassy of Britain to the U.S.
EURO - Official UK Website
Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Great Britain
HMSO - UK Government Publisher
House of Commons
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"This newly revised and revamped Website results from changes mandated last fall by the British government to improve the quality, uniformity, and accessibility of United Kingdom government statistics. The Website′s main feature organizes the vast body of government statistics around thirteen themes, such as crime and justice, education, the economy, health and care, population and migration, and so forth." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2000.
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The Public Record Office is the repository of the national archives for England, Wales and the United Kingdom.
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A New Beginning: Policing in Northern Ireland (Patten Report) - .pdf
Belfast Agreement
British Army in Northern Ireland
CAIN: Conflict Archive on the Internet
"This two year project aims to develop, using Northern Ireland as a case study, a collaborative multi-media database of resources relevant to teaching and research in conflict studies. The server will act as a gateway to network resources on ethnic conflict on the Internet and provide a platform for mounting resources specific to the Northern Ireland conflict held within the partner institutions and elsewhere throughout the province and beyond."
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Election results in Northern Ireland since 1973
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Northern Ireland Office - office of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
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Survey of Recommendations [Patten Report] / BBC
The Patten report into policing in Northern Ireland was published in September 1999.
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Guide to Scots Law - from the University of Glasgow.
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