Information by Geographical Area - Asia, Australia, Oceana, Antarctica


General Sources
Age of Asia: Resources for Research / Duke University Library
AskAsia offers an online Asia resource with access to cultural information, reference material, newspapers, and links to Asian sites.
ASEAN / Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Asian Governments on the WWW
Asia Links / Galaxy
Asia Foundation
Asia, Inc. Online Interactive business magazine.
Asianow Online
Daily news and information on Asia from a Southeast Asian newspaper and publisher.
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Asia Pacific Research Online
Asian Studies WWW VL Search Engine
Information about business, government, education, arts and culture. Includes homepage indexes for ten Asian countries in the Pacific Rim.
Asian Studies / Yahoo
Asian Social Sciences Information
Asia Society
Asian information including publications, speeches & transcriptions of Society presentations.
Publications from the Asia Society
Asian Studies Resources - WWW Virtual Library
Asian Studies Course Syllabi Collection / H-Net
Asian Studies WWW Monitor - Current Awareness Bulletin / ANU
AsiaWeek Online
"An online version of the print magazine covering "the new Asia": Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, and other nearby countries. Mainly for the business and news reader, the site includes features and editorials as well as shorter news bites. There′s also an archive going back to mid-1995, and a full table of contents for the print version. One of the cooler features is the ability to click on a map and receive the week′s coverage for that area." Webcrawler
Central Asia Monitor
Central Eurasian Resources / Harvard
East Asia - Links / Rutgers
East Asian Library - U of Kansas
Links to information about East Asian countries.
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
"EurasiaNet provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. The web site also offers additional features, including newsmaker interviews, book reviews and a discussion forum."
Eurasia Research Center Homepage
Links to news and sources of information on the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Afhanistan and Pakistan...
Far East Economic Review Interactive Edition
International Institute for Asian Studies - Leiden, The Netherlands
Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Culture
Monash Asia Institute
National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)
"The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution that conducts advanced research on
policy-relevant issues in Asia. It also serves as the global clearinghouse for Asia research conducted by specialists and
institutions worldwide."
National Center for Development Studies, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management, ANU
Social Crisis in East Asia -- World Bank [.pdf]
"...resources and tools for organizations and individuals interested in the social crisis that has followed in the wake of the East Asian financial meltdown." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999. http://scout/cs/
Study Abroad Asia WWW Virtual Library / U Texas
Subaltern Studies: A Bibliography / U of Virginia Library

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CERNET - China Education & Research Network
Information on education and research, history and culture, economy and politics, nature, tourism and entertainment.
China - Documents, Laws
China Links / Yahoo
China - Online Newspapers
China Resources / WWW Virtual Library
China Political Resources
Chinese Studies WWW Virtual Library
Chisa-cm/China′s Scholar Abroad Magazine [in Chinese]
China Law & Business- Info. for PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong / U of Md.
Scientific, technical, cultural and business information.
Chinese Communist Party
Chinese Military Power / Commonwealth Institute on Defense Alternatives
" analysis and research tools essential to understanding China′s military policy, capabilities, and potential."
Governments on the WWW: China (People′s Republic)
John Fairbank Memorial Chinese History Virtual Library
Human Rights in China
"The site offers press releases, reports, articles from its quarterly journal ′China Rights Forum′, organizational work reports, educational materials, action ideas and related links." Scout Report on the Social Sciences, 2/24/98.
Library of Congress Country Study - China
Literature Collection / Chinese Classics
Music of China
People′s Republic of China Government - lists web sites of ministries, commissions, state bureaus, institutions under State Council, and more.
Picture Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution / Ohio State
Richard Nixon / Zhou Enlai Talks, Feb. 1972 / National Security Archive
Report to Congress on the Military Power of the People′s Republic of China (6/2000)- DOD
Southern Chinese Electronic Daily News - There is possible link to English translation, but doesn′t always work.
Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History / NSA
China and the United States / NSA- From Hostility to Engagement, 1960 - 1998
Transnational China Project / New Approaches to the Study of Contemporary China - Rice U., Baker Inst. for Public Policy
United States, China and the Bomb / NSA

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Hong Kong
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Governments on the WWW: Hong KongHong Kong / Yahoo
Hong Kong - Documents, Laws
Political Resources - Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bilingual Laws Information System / Statutory Laws & Selected Constitutional Documents
Hong Kong - Online Newspapers
Libraries and Library Resources for Chinese Studies/ WWW Virtual Library

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Governments on the WWW: Japan
Japan - Documents, Laws
Japan - Constitution
Japan Documentation Center - Lib. of Congress / Public Policy Information
Japan Policy Research Institute Working Papers
Japan / Yahoo
Japan Links / WWW Virtual Library
J-Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Sources
Japan-Links / Japan Information
Japan Web Sites / Japan FAQ
Japan Web Navigator
"A gigantic index of links to Web sites in Japan, maintained by the Japan Information Network. The index covers everything from Mass Media, to Government, to Other WWW Navigators in Japan. Both the index and most of the sites listed are in English." WIC
Japanese Embassy - UK
Japan - Political Resources
Japanese Studies Resources / Duke University Library
Jweb - Japan′s Hottest Links
Library of Congress Country Study - Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Prime Minister of Japan Web Site
U.S.-Japan Project: Diplomatic, Security and Economic Relations Since 1960 /National Security Archive

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Governments on the WWW: China (Republic)
Information About Republic of China/Taiwan
From the Chinese Information and Culture Center in New York, a resource center for traditional Chinese culture and contemporary life. An online news service is provided free of charge.
KMT Politics; Kuomintang Party
Taiwan - Documents, Laws
Taiwan - Online Newspapers
Taiwan Government / Yahoo
Taiwan Political Resources
Taiwan Security Research
Taiwan / Yahoo

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Australia, New Zealand
Australia / Yahoo
Australia - Online Newspapers [Webwombat]
Australia - Documents, Laws
Australian Defence Home Page
Australian Department of Finance
Australian Parliament
Australian Labor Party
Australian Law - FindLaw
Australian Studies Network
Australian Political Resources
Embassy of Australia to the U.S.
Information and links to government websites.
Governments on the WWW: Australia
Political Science in Australia
Prime Minister of Australia / Govt Information
Northern Territory Government
New Zealand / Yahoo
Governments on the WWW: New Zealand
New Zealand - WWW Virtual Library
New Zealand - Political Resources
New Zealand - Documents, Laws
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade - New Zealand
New Zealand - Online Newspapers
New Zealand Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
New Zealand Parliament
New Zealand Ministry of Defence
Radio New Zealand International

Southeast Asia
South Asia Analysis Group
"Accesses papers analyzing and assessing contemporary diplomatic, security, and foreign policy events from an Indian perspective." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999. http://scout/cs/
South Asian Images and Text / W of Wisconsin
South Asian Resources - UC Berkeley South/Southeast Asia Library
South East Asian Links/ UC Berkeley
Information for, about and by Southeast Asianists at University of California at Berkeley. Includes links to academic resources, and to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Laos.

South East Asia Country Specific Resources
Afghanistan / Yahoo
Afghanistan Documents, Laws
Afghanistan Political Resources
Al Qaeda Links / Yahoo
Afghan Politics / Afghan-web
Afghanistan Links / Eurasianet
Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad
The University of California Press: Electronic Editions (last mentioned in the April 18, 2000 Scout Report for the Social Sciences) has recently provided online access to the newly released book Before Taliban: Genealogies of the Afghan Jihad by David B. Edwards. The text consists of seven chapters, along with an introduction, glossary, and bibliography. Copyright Internet Scout Project ,1994-2002.
CIA World Factbook - Afghanistan
Governments on the WWW: Afghanistan
Library of Congress Country Study - Afghanistan
Taliban Links / Yahoo
Northern Alliance Links / Yahoo
Azerbaijan / Yahoo
Azerbaijan Resource Pages / Eurasianet
Azerbaijan - REENIC
Azerbaijan Documents, Laws
Azerbaijan Pages [critical of President]
CIA World Factbook - Azerbaijan
Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic
Embassy of Azerbaijan to Moscow
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Washington, D.C.
Library of Congress Country Studies - Azerbaijan
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Bangladesh / Yahoo
Bangladesh Documents, Laws
Bangladesh Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Bangladesh Political Resources
Bangladesh - WWW Virtual Library
Bangladesh Online Newspapers
CIA World Factbook - Bangladesh
Government of the People′s Republic of Bangledesh
Governments on the WWW: Bangladesh
Library of Congress Country Study - Bangledesh
Bhutan - WWW Virtual Library
CIA World Factbook - Bhutan
Governments on the WWW: Bhutan
Library of Congress Country Study - Bhutan
Brunei /Yahoo
Brunei Documents, Laws
Brunei Political Resources
Brunei - WWW Virtual Library
CIA World Factbook - Brunei
Government of Brunei Official Website
Governments on the WWW: Brunei
Ministry of Defence - Brunei
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Brunei
Prime Minister′s Office - Brunei
Cambodia / Yahoo
Cambodia Documents, Laws
Cambodia - Online Newspapers
Cambodian Information Center
Cambodia Political Resources
Cambodia - WWW Virtual Library
Cambodian Genocide Program
" The core of this site and the major produ t of CGP′s mission is the Cambodian Genocide Data Base (CGDB), which contains four different types of records: bibliographic, biographic, photographic and geographic....The CGDB will continue to be updated, and thousands of records are in preparation." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999. http://scout/cs/
CIA World Factbook - Cambodia
Governments on the WWW: Cambodia
Kingdom of Cambodia / ASEAN
Library of Congress Country Study - Cambodia
National Institute of Statistics of Cambodia
Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the U.S.
Royal Government of Cambodia
Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Georgia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Georgia
Georgia Documents, Laws
Georgia - WWW Virtual Library
Georgia Resource Pages - Eurasianet
Governments on the WWW: Georgia
Library of Congress Country Study - Georgia
Parliament of Georgia
President of Georgia
India / Yahoo
Census of India
CIA World Factbook - India
Department of Statistics,Govt. of India
Embassy of India to the U.S.
Government of India Directory of Websites
Governments on the WWW: India
India Documents, Laws
Indian Armed Forces - official site of the Indian Airforce, Army, Navy, and inter-services institutions.
Indian Political Resources
India / WWW Virtual Library
India Budgets & Economic Surveys / Ministry of Finance
Indian Armed Forces
India and Pakistan - On the Nuclear Threshhold / National Security Archive
India - Ministry of Defence
India - Ministry of External Affairs
Library of Congress Country Study - India
Parliament of India
President of India
Prime Minister′s Office
Sarkaritel - features contact information of major government offices.
South Asia Analysis Group
"Accesses papers analyzing and assessing contemporary diplomatic, security, and foreign policy events from an Indian perspective." From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999. http://scout/cs/
Supreme Court of India
Indonesia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Indonesia
Department of Foreign Affairs-Indonesia
Embassy of Indonesia [Canada]
Embassy of Indonesia in Washington, DC
Governments on the WWW: Indonesia
Indonesian Cenral Bureau of Statistics
Indonesia Documents, Laws
Indonesia - WWW Virtual Library
Library of Congress Country Study - Indonesia
Republic of Indonesia Political Resources
U.S. Embassy in Indonesia
East Timor Political Resources
Question of East Timor / UN
Kashmir - WWW Virtual Library
Kazakhstan / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Kazakhstan
Governments on the WWW: Kazakhstan
Embassy of Kazakhstan to the U.S.
Kazakhstan Documents, Laws
Kazakhstan Political Resources
Kazakhstan Resources / Eurasianet
Kazakhstan Resources / REENIC
Kazakhstan Agency of Statistics
Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs [in Russian]
Library of Congress Country Study - Kazakhstan
Permanent Mission of Kazakhsan to the UN
President of Kazakhstan
Korea (North) / Yahoo
Bibliography of North Korea / U Hawaii
CIA World Factbook - North Korea
Implementation of Easing of Sanctions Against North Korea - US State Dept.
Library of Congress Country Study - North Korea
North Korea Documents, Laws
North Korean Newspapers
North Korea - WWW Virtual Library
North-South Joint Declaration (2000)- text from the BBC site.
Political Resources - North Korea
Korea (South) / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - South Korea
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Korea (Republic)
Korea.Net - official homepage of the Korean Government operated by the Korean Information Service.
Korean History Bibliography / U of Hawaii
Library of Congress Country Study - South Korea
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - South Korea
Ministry of National Defence - South Korea
The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea
South Korea National Statistical Office
South Korea Office of the President
South Korea Documents, Laws
South Korea - Online Newspapers
South Korea - WWW Virtual Library
South Korea Political Resources
Kyrgyzstan Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Kyrgyzstan
Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the U.S.
Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the UK
Governments on the WWW: Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Resources - Eurasianet
Library of Congress Country Study - Kyrgyszstan
Republic of Kyrgyzstan [Russia]
Laos / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Laos
Embassy of Laos in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Laos
Laos Documents, Laws
Laos - WWW Virtual Library
Library of Congress Country Study - Laos
Macau Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Macau
Governments on the WWW: Macau
Library of Congress Country Study - Macau
Macau Government
Macau - WWW Virtual Library
Macau - Legislative Assembly
Malaysia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Malaysia
Democratic Action Party of Malaysia
Governments on the WWW: Malaysia
Malaysia Documents, Laws
Malaysia Political Resources
Malaysia - Department of Statistics
Malaysia - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malaysia - Ministry of Defence (No English)
Malaysia - Online Newspapers
Parliament of Malaysia
Prime Minister′s Office - Malaysia
U.S. Embassy in Malaysia
Maldives / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Maldives
Governments on the WWW: Maldives
Library of Congress Country Study - Maldives
Maldives Documents, Laws
Maldives - WWW Virtual Library
Maldives Political Resources
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the UN
Mongolia / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Mongolia
Embassy of Mongolia in Washington D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Mongolia
Library of Congress Country Study - Mongolia
Mongolia Documents, Laws
Mongolia Law Library - text of Mongolian laws.
Mongolia Political Resources
Mongolia Government
Mongolia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mongolia Resources / Eurasianet
Mongolia Parliament [English]
Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN
Myanmar / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Burma
Governments on the WWW: Myanmar
Myanmar Documents, Laws
Myanmar Political Resources
Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Burma - WWW Virtual Library
Myanmar Home Page - The Golden Land
United Nations: Permanent Mission of Myanmar in Geneva
Nepal / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Nepal
Embassy of Nepal in Washington, D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Nepal
Library of Congress Country Study - Nepal
Nepal Documents, Laws
Nepal Newspapers
Nepal - WWW Virtual Library
Nepal Political Resources
Nepal Home Page Government and Politics Directory
United Nations: Permanent Mission of Nepal to the UN
Pakistan / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Pakistan
Government of Pakistan - official site.
Governments on the WWW: Pakistan
Jammu and Kashmir Conflict / Yahoo
India and Pakistan - On the Nuclear Threshhold / National Security Archive
Library of Congress Country Study - Pakistan
Pakistan Documents, Laws
Pakistan - Online Newspapers
Pakistan - WWW Virtual Library
Pakistan Political Resources
Pakistan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
United Nations: Permanent Mission of Pakistan in New York
Philippines / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Philippines
Embassy of the Philippines to Canada
Embassy of the U.S. in Manilla
Embassy of the Philippines to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Philippines
Library of Congress Country Study - Philippines
Office of the President Network (OPNet) - Philippines
Philippines Documents, Laws
Philippines - Online Newspapers
Philippines - WWW Virtual Library
Philippines Political Resources
Philippine House of Representatives
Philippine Senate
Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs
Philippines National Statistics Office
Supreme Court of the Philippines -
Singapore / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Singapore
Online publication of the Singapore Armed Forces with daily news updates on Singapore′s defence matters.
Department of Statistics - Singapore
Embassy of Singapore to the U.S.
Governments on the WWW: Singapore
Library of Congress Country Study - Singapore
Parliament of the Republic of Singapore
President of Singapore
Singapore Documents, Laws
Singapore- Online Newspapers
Singapore - WWW Virtual Library
Singapore Government Directory Interactive
Singapore Government Web Site
Contains links and pages of government ministries and statuatory boards which are online on the internet, MP speeches and press releases.
Singapore Political Resources
Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singapore Ministry of Defence
Singapore Prime Minister′s Office
Singapore Statistics Office
Sri Lanka / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Sri Lanka
Embassy of Sri Lanka to the U.S.
Government of Sri Lanka Website
Governments on the WWW: Sri Lanka
Library of Congress Country Study - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Documents, Laws
Sri Lanka - Online Newspapers
Sri Lanka Home Page
Sri Lanka Political Resources
Sri Lanka Government
Sri Lanka Ministries
Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics
Sri Lanka-Tamil Eelam Conflict / Yahoo
Tamil Nation
CIA World Factbook: Tajikistan
Governments on the WWW: Tajikistan
Library of Congress Country Study - Tajikistan
Tajikistan Resources - Eurasianet
Tajikistan Political Resources
Thailand / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Thailand
Governments on the WWW: Thailand
Library of Congress Country Study - Thailand
Parliament of Thailand
Royal Thai Embassy, Washington D.C.
Royal Thai Government Information Center
Thailand Documents, Laws
Thailand / WWW Virtual Library
Thailand Political Resources
Thailand - Government Spokesman Bureau
Thailand - Office of the Prime Minister
Thailand - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thailand - Online Newspapers
Thailand: The Big Picture
Main registry for Thailand′s academic, research and commercial web sites. Also hosts many other governfment and non-profit organizations′ home pages, a FAQ about Thailand, and Thailand′s virtual library.
Tibet / Yahoo
Tibet Information Network
Tibet Political Resources
Tibetan Studies - WWW Virtual Library
Government of Tibet in Exile
CIA World Factbook - Turkmenistan
Embassy of Turkmenistan, Washington D.C.
Governments on the WWW: Turkmenistan
Library of Congress Country Study - Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan Resources - Eurasianet
Turkmenistan Political Resources
Uzbekistan / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Uzbekistan
Consulate of Uzbekistan, New York
Government of Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Documents, Laws
Library of Congress Country Study - Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Resources - Eurasianet
Uzbekistan Political Resources
Vietnam / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Vietnam
Communist Part of Vietnam [English]
Embassy of Vietnam, Washington D.C.
Embassy of the U.S. in Hanoi
Governments on the WWW: Vietnam
Library of Congress Country Study - Vietnam
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Vietnam
National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Vietnam Documents, Laws
Vietnam - WWW Virtual Library
Vietnam Political Resources

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Pacific Islands, Oceania, Antarctic
Antarctica / Yahoo
Arctic / Yahoo
Arctic Council - intergovernmental forum that addresses the common concerns and challenges faced by Arctic governments and people. Activities focus on environmental protection and sustainable development.
Indigenous Peoples′ Secretariat - Arctic
Oceania Governments on the WWW
MaxiaPacific Network - South Pacific Information & Search Engine
Australian/Oceania Political Resources
Oceana / Yahoo
Centre for Pacific Studies / Netherlands
Includes link to searchable bibliographic database of publications related to Oceania.
Pacific Islands Internet Resources
Pacific / Galaxy
Pacific Rim / Yahoo
Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
CIA World Factbook - Federated States of Micronesia
CIA World Factbook - Fiji
Fiji / Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Fiji
Documents, Laws of Fiji
Figi Government - official site
Governments on the WWW: Fiji
U.S. Embassy, Fiji
Republic of Figi Political Resources
CIA World Factbook - Guam
Governments on the WWW: Guam
Guam Poltical Resources
Official Guam Website
Samoa Poltical Resources
CIA World Factbook - Samoa
Governments on the WWW: Samoa
Samoa Government
Governments on the WWW: Samoa, American
Tonga /Yahoo
CIA World Factbook - Tonga
Documents and Laws of Tonga
Government of Tonga
Governments on the WWW: Tonga
Tonga Political Resources